How Psychic Are You? These 21 Secret Ancient Yogic Practices “Promise” To Raise Your Vibration (and Transform Your Spirit)

Are you psychic?  Think you’ve got to be born with the gift to raise your vibration, elevate your consciousness and transform your life?  If you believe one of the most widely cited (but least understood) ancient yogic texts, anyone can become psychic by following this very specific path. According to the Yoga Sutra’s, written more […]


Am I Psychic? (or Just Nuts?)

Am I psychic, or crazy? Ever get the feeling that your intuitive antenna is beeping like crazy, and you aren’t sure WHAT (or who) to trust? One of the best questions that any of us can ask ourselves is, WHAT do I trust? Do you go with your gut…..or do you listen to the advice, […]


What is Your Psychic Ability?

What kind of psychic am I? Am I a medium….a clairvoyant, a natural intuitive, or none of the above? We get lots of questions from folks looking to discover their own unique psychic skills, and this fun, entertaining and light psychic survey is a great way to play! Take the quiz….and let us know what […]


Learn How to Communicate with Spirit

Think you’ve got to be a celebrity medium, or be born with some sort of special psychic skill to have a personal, powerful and profound experience with spirit?  Think again!  The truth is, being human, and alive……and open to the idea is enough! In our experience, anyone can communicate with the dead……you don’t need to […]

Angels & Spirit Guides

6 Things Worth Knowing About Your Spirit Guides

Think you DON’T have a spirit guide?  Think again!  The truth is, after close to 20 years of doing psychic and spiritual readings of all types of people, I can tell you with 100% certainty that each and every one of us has some sort of spiritual teacher, mentor or karmic connection that IS available […]

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