i think i'm an empath

So You Think You’re an Empath?

It can also lead to taking on negative mind states, an increase in depression and paradoxically, even social isolation. Empaths can often feel overwhelmed by negative news, and the suffering of the world can often feel like it’s our own.
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love meditation

Falling Back in Love with Your Life

learn how to fall back in love with your life….and the wild, wacky and wonderful world around you! Featuring timeless techniques for cultivating self compassion, gratitude, purpose, power, presence and PEACE in every day life, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired…..this brand new course is for you.
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Laura Day Wants to Teach You to Be Psychic

https://www.forbes.com/sites/wendysachs/2020/01/19/psychic-capital-laura-day-has-made-millions-with-her-superpower-and-wants-to-teach-you-how/ Laura Day is one of the best known and highest paid psychic consultants in the word.  Her approach to her craft is much, much different than the vast majority…
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