signs you are psychicWhat are the best signs I am psychic? Do I need to have lots of spooky, creepy or paranormal experiences to know that I have the gift? Or, are some psychic experiences more subtle, gentle and soothing than we see on TV?

The truth is, in my own experience, there are many psychic and intuitive signs that many people ignore, overlook or simply don’t know how to process. Once you understand that psychic ability is part of the fabric of being HUMAN, and that we all have varying degrees of intuitive awareness, learning how to harness them, and recognize them, and FLEX your psychic muscles becomes very easy to do indeed.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few very simple psychic signs that demonstrate your inherent intuitive sensitivity MAY be greater than average. (and like any skill, may only need a little bit of practice to radically enhance your existing natural talent and ability

Psychic Sign #1: The Unity Experience

People who have an unusual experience of feeling aligned with the universe… or connected with everything, MAY have a part of the brain that is more suited for psychic, and spiritual experiences than average. I love the old joke about the Buddhist Monk who walks into the Pizza Place and says – “make me one with everything”;-) The truth is, this IS a very common side effect of people who feel a connection with the universe and all of it’s inhabitants, and is directly related to lots of meditation AND the onset of psychic skill.

Psychic Sign #2: The Spiritual Experience

Many people who have dream visitation experience, for example… where a loved one you have lost comes to you in that weird sleeping state BUT if feels incredibly real, too… is a very common starting point for psychic energy to show itself, or how it may manifest. My first experience with spirit (I was visited by a co-worker who literally was 1000 miles away and dying unexpectedly at the very moment he visited) was a radical OPENING to a whole series of incredibly psychic abilities I didn’t even believe at the time, were possible. (as an atheist and NON believer in anything spiritual at all when it happened)

Sign #3: Feeling the Future

In a word – PRECOGNITION. This is the most common of the above, and EVERYONE has this happen… even if they don’t believe it is a sign of anything, other than weird while others, literally live their lives around feelings, and sensations of what they “feel” the future will bring.

The bottom line?

You are already far more psychic than you realize.

The experiences above? ALL much more common than most people know. The key is, to enjoy, immerse and open yourself UP to the magic and the mystery of it all. Your place in the universe. Why you are even here in the first place. And what you want to DO with the opportunity to maximize your power, and potential as a spiritual being having a very humbling human experience.

The more you open yourself UP to the above? The more extraordinary your life will become, I promise!


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