How psychic are you?  Do you have any natural psychic ability?  If so…..where is it, and how can you use it to improve your life, your future and the choices you make along the way?

Any of this sound familiar?  If you are anything like the thousands of people who read our blog, spiritual newsletter and personal development articles, one of the very TOP things you’d love to learn is how to actually become more psychic yourself, right?

After all….while it’s a lot of fun to watch other people doing all sorts of crazy cool things like predict the future or talk to spirit….it would be a lot more helpful, and a heck of a lot more EVIDENTIAL if you could them yourself.

As an author, empath and professional spiritual life coach myself for the last 10 years plus, I can tell you that I’ve read, watched or participated in more psychic development exercises than I can possibly count.

And yet….there are only 4 or 5 REALLY transformative practices and techniques that have stuck with me over the years, and that are pretty much applicable to just about everyone else on the same spiritual path as well.

I’m going to share both of them with you below……with a little short explanation for why they work, and how to start practicing them yourself, even if you are skeptical, or curious but NOT convinced as to what YOU believe is really possible in the first place.  (e.g. – you may be interested in psychic and spiritual matters….but still not really sure that any of this stuff is true, or applicable or worth exploring through personal experience)

The good news?

They are BOTH super simple… most authentic spiritual “secrets” tend to be.

The best part is, you DON’T have to believe that they’ll work to improve your intuition or spiritual life to get BIG benefits by practicing them.

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Allow yourself to FEEL deeply the pain, the problems and the spiritual suffering of those around you.   Feel the energy of the emotions that come through when people share things with you….without judgment or even trying to fix or advise them as to what they should do.  Instead, allow their words to wash over you…..and connect to their “karma” in a way that allows insights, illumination or inspiration to bubble up to the surface.

Quite often, when you do this properly, and truly connect with the energy of EMPATHY, you will start to get “flashes” of insight, and you’ll get glimpses and glimmers of the future, where you can really start to see the path the person you are connecting with is on, and what choices, or changes they need to make to dance in the direction of their destiny.

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This is a simple location and sensation exercise that anyone can do.  It’s hard to explain in a short article but simply allow your awareness to expand and extend beyond where you are in this physical moment.

Try to see things, using your ethereal eyes….that are outside your field of vision.  Maybe imagine yourself starting to walk down your street if you are at home.  Or, if at the office, try to jump on the elevator, go down to street level and walk around the lobby in your minds eye.  The more you expand and extend your awareness, the more creative control you get over your consciousness.  And the more you can control your consciousness, the amount of reality that starts to become available to you, begins to extend and expand opening a warm and welcoming window into a wonderful world that awaits!

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