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  • svgDecember 7, 2018Featured

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    Love this quote from a near death experiencer on the NDERF forum – no matter what you believe about life, death or anything in between…..this always seems to capture the absolute best intuitions about how to live a life of generosity, compassion and connection – to strive to be exceptional – and to always show

  • svgNovember 13, 2018Featured

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    What could you use a bit more of today?  Love?  Patience?  Kindness?  Inspiration?  Faith?  Freedom…….or something completely different?  Share with us on our FB page…….or in the community comments below!

  • svgNovember 17, 2016Featured

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    What is the best evidence that the afterlife is real? Does it come from psychic mediums, from past life memories, from near death experiences…..or somewhere else? Stafford Betty is the Professor of religious studies, California State University in Bakersfield. He’s also an accomplished author who has written some GREAT books on the very best evidence

  • svgOctober 17, 2016Featured

    Something that many people DON’T know about Jim Carrey? He happens to be one of the more interested, articulate and active spiritual seekers you’ll see. Jim has long been an advocate for all sorts of alternative healing modalities, and has lent his influential voice to all sorts of programs promoting spiritual growth. (his commencement speech

  • svgAugust 14, 2016Featured

    A double dose of inspiring insight and intuitive information from psychic sensation and Hollywood superstar Tyler Henry. Watch the video to hear some surprising insights into what life looks like for a 20 year old psychic medium with a hit TV show, a brand new book and an amazingly inspired life, and then read 9

  • svgTrendingsvg

  • svgJune 28, 2016celebrity psychics

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    Paul Selig is one of our favorite authors, spiritual teachers, and leading luminaries in the helping and healing space. He also is one of the most unique and accomplished. It’s great to see how much attention Paul’s channeled material has received over the last few years….when we first posted some of his content a few

  • svgSeptember 29, 2015Afterlife Evidence

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    What do you believe about psychics, spirits and the best evidence that life after death is real?  Have you had a personal spiritual experience that has changed your life and turned you into a true blue believer that there is something BIGGER than your body?  Or maybe you’re merely curious…..but not yet convinced?  What would

  • svgAugust 30, 2015celebrity psychics

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    Can psychics help police solve cases? DO psychics ever really help police solve crimes….or is that something we only hear and read and see on TV? And what about all of those psychics who claim to have been involved with solving murders, or missing person cases, or helping to recover people or property that have

  • svgMay 27, 2015Featured

    A good article on telepathy in twins. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not twins can share a psychic connection, you’ll enjoy the article below on the Fabrizius sisters, talented artists who don’t speak while they draw a single picture, but instead communicate by thought or intuition or a sense of pure knowing that transcends

  • Who are YOUR favorite psychics, mediums or spiritual advisors in the Boston area?  Do you know of any really “unknown” Mass based mediums who we really ought to know about? We’ve gotten a whole bunch of inquires for a world class psychic medium in the Boston proper area for a small group reading for a

  • svgApril 30, 2015Afterlife Evidence

    Want to learn how to radically enhance your intuition for free?  Are you curious about how energy healing works, want to understand psychic dreams or maybe you need some good Spring spiritual reading to inspire your imagination? We are big fans of Robert Moss and his practical, inspirational and enlightening books on precognition, psychic dreaming,

  • svgDecember 9, 2014Afterlife Evidence

    One of the best parts of my “job” as a psychic publisher is I get to read and review tons and tons of spiritual books every week, which for a psychic junkie like me… sort of a dream vocation! 🙂 One of our readers recommended I check out “Blinded by Vision” by Florida psychic medium

  • svgDecember 2, 2014Featured

    1 – Think only famous psychic mediums can communicate with “the other side”?  Think again!  The vast majority of psychic or spiritual experiences happen to ORDINARY people.   While many people DO turn to psychic mediums to communicate with their loved ones who have “crossed” over, the overwhelming majority of these sorts of extraordinary experiences are

  • svgNovember 28, 2014Afterlife Evidence

    And how does being psychic differ from having mediumistic style skills? The truth is, so many psychics, clairvoyants, and spiritual life coaches use terminology so interchangeably that it’s difficult to discern who does what…..and quite truthfully…..what is fact, versus what is fiction in the whole spiritual space. The fact is, that mediums are very different

  • svgNovember 1, 2014Featured

    Are you psychic……or just going nuts?  Ever wonder if those strange serendipitous spiritual experiences were a sign you were special…….or maybe you are just crazy? The funny thing is, anyone who has worked in the spiritual development field in any capacity, knows that some degree of head scratching self doubt and wonder is a big


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