KARMIC-LOGOAre you psychic? Do you have unique intuitive gifts? Are your dreams precognitive? Do you ever hear, sense or speak to spirits, guardian angels or personal protectors from above? Do you have friends, family or loved ones who have crossed over who COME to you in various ways….but you don’t feel comfortable telling others for fear of being labeled nuts?

In this article we are going to take a quick, fun and easy look at some of the popular ways to tell if you are unusually intuitive and have psychic gifts and abilities that have largely gone unnoticed up to this point in your life. The good news? Once you openly acknowledge these experiences, you’ll find your awareness increases EXPONENTIALLY, and your psychic “powers” go, grow and flow a bit more deeply everyday.

Ready? See how many of the following questions you answer YES to!

1 – Do you have precognitive or hyper lucid dreams?

A precognitive dream is one that accurately foretells a future event. A lucid dream is one that feels HYPER real, and has some an increased amount of awareness and interactivity to it that usually is not found in “ordinary” dreams.

2 – Speaking of dreams…..have you had a dream visitation experience?

A dream visitation is a spiritual experience where a loved one who has “crossed” will appear. They are often very interactive, feel HYPER real, and feel much more powerful and profound compared to a normal dream. As a matter of fact….many people who have this experience truly believe that they WERE in fact visited by a loved one, and that it was not a dream at all. (many psychic experiences take place in this strange spiritual space between wakefulness and sleep…often called the “hypnagogic state” when the filters between this world and the next one, or alternative states of awareness may be less defined)

3 – Do you have the experience of “extraordinary knowing” on a regular basis?

Extraordinary knowing refers to experiences like precognition (knowing when someone is going to call, for example…before the phone rings) or psychic sensitivity or sensation. (feeling like you are being stared at, for example…and turning around to see someone intently looking your way)

Of course people will tell you that these experiences happen to ALL of us, but if you are more intuitive than most, you have these happen frequently, and know in your bones they are more significant than luck or chance.

4 – How about empathetic are You?

Do you feel an incredible amount of natural connection and compassion with others?

Believe it or not, this is probably the MOST “overlooked” psychic sign there is, but one of the best places to begin. The word “empathy” which is used to describe many gifted professional psychics refers to this exact sensation.

People who FEEL the pain, problems, emotions and energy of others are empathic, and this is the ONE super skill that every genuine psychic, medium or spiritual teacher or healer should have.

5 – Do you Feel, hear or even SEE things using parts of your body that aren’t “designed” to function that way?

For example?

Many advanced meditators report being able to “listen with their skin”.

Others make decisions that feel like they are emanating from the heart…..rather than the head.  (and in a very strong sense, as it can feel like the intuitive wisdom or heart based cognition overwhelms the brain based intellect for much of our daily lives)

The truth is, we are miles away from truly understanding how our bodies and brains really interface with the wild and wacky and wonderful world around us, and many of you reading this right now use your “psychic superpowers” to navigate your every day experience in ways that your skeptical friends and family simply can’t yet understand.

The BEST advice for those of you who want to dive in, explore and wake UP the wonderful evergreen intuitive wisdom within?

Give yourself a permission slip to embrace your eccentricities and EXPLORE…..your life becomes richer with depth and dimension,  infused with an energy, enthusiasm, magic, mystery and MEANING when you allow YOUR authentic SELF to arise!

Lastly of course, there are lots of other experiences we can look to to see if you are more psychically gifted than others.

Out of body experiences, seeing or sensing apparitions, having had a near death experience can DRAMATICALLY increase psychic sensations, past life memories, deja vu experiences an all sorts of other spiritual adventures as well.

The key? Connect with a community of like minded people who share your passion for psychic growth and development and watch your natural abilities GROW!

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