How psychic are you?  Can you predict the future?  Do you have lucid dreams that foretell events and adventures yet to happen?  Have you ever seen or spoken to a spirit or a guardian angel?  Do you sometimes see, sense, feel or find signs and symbols from the Universe, or from nature that you KNOW are intended just for YOU?  The truth is, we all process our own natural intuition and connection to the magical and mysterious world around us in different ways, and what may FEEL incredibly profound for one of us may in fact be mundane or insignificant to another.

With that in mind, and as a professional empath, published author and full time intuitive coach in the psychic niche for close to 20 years…….I want to share with you 7 inspiring, enlightening and ultimately EMPOWERING things I’ve learned about about how psychic abilities REALLY work, with the hope that it encourages you to look a little deeper into your spiritual power, and intuitive potential as well.

1 – We are ALL born psychic.  Some of us are encouraged and inspired and SUPPORTED to dig a bit deeper and to nurture these experiences rather than neglect them.  But within everyone exists the potential to experience the world in an extraordinary way.

2 – Sometimes the most POWERFUL experiences happen when you drop your intellectual blocks and filters, and just let things go, grow and flow in an intuitive direction.

3 – Dreams are often a great way to train your brain to have powerful and precognitive spiritual experiences.  The “hypnagogic” state between full wakefulness and light sleep is probably the most conducive form of consciousness for having spiritually transformative experiences.

4 – Meditation is a great way of training your brain to cultivate a consciousness that lends itself to psychic experiences.  That said, NOT all meditative practices are created equal.  There are specific types of meditations that tend to support all sorts of different spiritual states.  For example?  Wanting to learn how to see or “feel” the future, versus wanting to connect with your guardian angels are very different types of psychic senses, and the practices you want to learn to do either can be very different.

5 – Creating a spiritual space is a great way to cultivate psychic abilities.  A spiritual space can be a physical location that inspires you, or it can be an ethereal energy or a place you “visit” that helps you condition your consciousness and awaken your inner awareness.

6 – While an open mind is a GREAT thing to have when exploring exotic, esoteric and extraordinary experiences, you don’t want to be so open minded that your brains fall out.  Learn to “filter the fluff” when developing your intuitive abilities and be aware that many people are 100% full of silly spiritual strategies that WON’T work at all.  Learn to trust your OWN intuition, and let your own spiritual sensibilities and personal experience be your guide in knowing what is TRUE for YOU, versus fiction or fantasy.

7 – Find your own spiritual sangha.  Connect with a community of clairvoyants, intuitives and people who embrace the idea of spiritual experience and exploration.  The key to cultivating clairvoyance is really CONNECTION and conversation with others who have the gift, or are traveling on the same spiritual path.

What about YOU?  What are the psychic signs or symbols you look for…..or what do you do to manifest your own intuitive abilities?  Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!

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