How can I become more psychic? Is there any secret tip, or tool, or technique that can raise my vibration, or enhance my natural intuitive gifts?

We get a lot of questions about honing, developing and refining psychic abilities, learning how to cultivate clairvoyance, speaking to spirit, remembering past lives, and just about every different esoteric experience under the sun!

As everyone reading this probably knows, there is no lack of information online about “how to become psychic” 🙂  Most of these articles, from our perspective, are really bad, and often cringeworthy so.

Here are a few simple things you ought to IGNORE when reading one of these articles.  (including this one)

Anyone who advertises a system that is full of DOGMA and statements of 100% certitude or superiority (e.g. – this is the ONLY way to do X – or this is the single BEST(est) non negotiable way to do Y) – you ought to look at their words and wisdom with a very skeptical eye.

For example?

Someone emailed us a few weeks ago, in a horrible state of mind, because she had watched a popular youtube video by a self described “celebrity psychic” (someone we’ve never heard of) on Suicide, and what happens to the souls of those who have taken their own live.  When I went back and watched the video that had disturbed our reader so much (who had lost a close family member to suicide) I understood why she was so upset.  This ‘psychic’ recorded a 20 minute video on all the terrible things that happen to people who cross this way….with very specific rules on what happens when, and why, and everything they’d need to do to get back in good graces, on the other side.

Guess what?

This is nothing more than a guess.   And just an opinion based on nothing other than one person’s point of view, or cultural conditioning or subjective experience or even MARKETING message.  (as it appeared to me, to be!)

The other thing is, it’s also contradicted by the experiences of hundreds of others who have had the exact OPPOSITE intuition about what matters most at the end of life.  (on this side, or the next 🙂

Anyone who tells you “they know 100%” what happens after we die, is full of spiritual silliness and new age nonsense.

Yes, you can be a world class medium, and NOT be 100% sure EXACTLY what happens after death.  YES, you can have amazing, inspiring and ongoing spiritual experiences that can uplift the lives of millions, and still be a mere kindergardener when it comes to afterlife information.

Yes, by definition……most medium have had first experiences that convince us that life after death is 100% true.

But the rules as to how it all works?

No one REALLY knows.  And that’s probably by design.

We only get small glimmers and glimpses, and there is much humility to how little any psychic or medium or spiritual teacher who is truly authentic, will bring to what they teach, preach and share with their audience.

So let’s take a quick look at what we believe is the best way to AMPLIFY your intuition, expand your awareness and cultivate clairvoyance and a whole host of other spiritual superpowers, below.  (hint……it’s MOSTLY meditation, in combination with whatever natural gifts you were graced with, by virtue of your parents, upbringing and genes)

But first, let’s repeat this a few more times:

Here is what they WONT’ tell you on most blogs, or spiritual websites, and I want to ask you to trust me, that everything you are about to read is true:

1 – There IS NO ONE simple strategy for becoming psychic. If this WAS true, you wouldn’t have so many different opinions, ideas, and approaches that often cancel out and contradict each other. In other words, if someone tells you they have THE secret, or they are THE ONE who knows, I’d turn tail and run the other way.

2 – Developing psychic abilities is like developing artistic abilities. It’s like becoming really good at the piano, or at math. We all have the natural inclination to getting good at the piano, BUT…..some great pianists are born, or some great artists are born with a certain type of brain, that gives them an advantage. Here is a quick example. Everyone can learn how to play basketball, right? No matter how bad you may be right now, if you practice….you’ll get much better! But, this is also true: I may learn how to become MUCH better at basketball, if I keep practicing, but i’m never going to be Michael Jordan, simply because i wasn’t born to be 6 foot 7 with great natural, athletic gifts. (although I wish I was!)

The same thing applies to psychic abilities to one degree or another. For example? Many psychic mediums have been studied under brain scans, and their brains are just a little bit different than average people. It may mean that they have certain parts of the brain (the areas that get super duper quiet, for example…..and tune out background noise) that are much better than average people, who can’t quite quiet our brains the same way.

Great artists, too….have different types of brains. And people who are more practical problem solvers by nature, have other pathways that are more dominant, and prominent.

The good news? There is something called “neuroplascticity” which means you can literally RECREATE your own brain, by changing the type of thoughts you think! (read more about this below – or GOOGLE it if you think I’m kidding 😉

3 – The great equalizer if you weren’t BORN with great intuitive gifts, but would love to activate them?

shared death experiences

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Meditation is everything. Meditation opens up a wide window into the magical, and mysterious invisible world you can’t get from ordinary everyday experience. As a matter of fact, the Buddha (and much meditative instruction thereafter) described a very simple, straightforward path to developing what were called “The Siddhi’s”, which are supernatural or psychic gifts. (mind reading, speaking to spirits and angels, exploring the ethreal realms, and so on)

This is almost exactly what many mediums describe today, and why the very best ones, regardless of what we believe, are active meditators with rich and rewarding introspective practices for sharing our gifts, messages and meaning with the world.

So you CAN become psychic, with practice….even if you’re skeptical right now. you also SHOULD avoid much of the super dogmatic, “know it all” style psychic advice out there. (you know the type……it starts with THIS is the only way to do X, and THIS means that 100%, and I’m always right….and you’re always WRONG 🙂

That sort of silly spiritual teacher, is the type you ought to avoid like the plague. None of us is right all the time, and there are often many different ways to interpret much of what any of us sees, feels or wants to be right. That’s part of the magic, and the mystery of being human, being alive, and being part of this wild, weird and wonderful world we all get to explore each and every day!

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