Beyond and Back

More interesting, inspiring and incredible life after death experiences. Anita Moorjani has become a spiritual superstar on the basis of her incredible story of survival after being on deaths door, and having one of the most remarkable cancer recovery stories…and near death experiences on record. Check out a recent interview Moorjani did with a local […]


Is the Afterlife Real?

Can life after death be proven? If so…..HOW so? Can near death experiences be explained away by science? What about out of body experiences, visions of the deceased, psychic and spiritual experiences, and the whole hodge podge of evidence that seems to suggest that death is NOT the end? Is it all wishful thinking…..or is […]

afterlife Angels & Spirit Guides

Spiritual Life Lessons

Do you believe in guardian angels?  What about spirit guides?  Does the idea that our lives continue on after the death of your physical body ring TRUE to you……or does it sound more like spiritual silliness and new age nonsense?  And if you are skeptical…..what do you believe about the millions of near death experiences, […]

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