how to raise your vibration
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7 Ways You Can Change The World – The Spiritual Secret to Raising Your Vibration (Scientifically)

New Course: Discover Your Dharma. How to discover your life purpose. For empaths, healers, spiritual seekers and women who want to change the world. As a spiritual life coach and professional empath, one of the most common questions I get from clients is why the world seems to be so challenging these days. If you […]

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Starting a Spiritual Meetup or planning a community event?

We want to help! Calling all psychics, mediums, spiritual teachers, trainers, #enlightened ntrepreneurs and PURPOSE driven professionals: Promote your community events, appearances & meetups – 100% Free! The easiest way to reach thousands of people each week who are passionate about personal growth, spiritual development while doing what you love for a living, and waking up the […]

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Can Autism Make You Psychic? Amazing Research into Savants and Psychic Abilities

Is there any relationship between psychic abilities and autism?  If so……how so?  Can an autistic person with extraordinary skills credit clairvoyance or enhanced ESP for their gift? While most people who think about autism these days (those of us not personally affected, of course) probably consider the controversies in the news, or think about the […]

signs you've lived before
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Have You Lived Before? 7 Things Worth Knowing About Your Past Lives

Who were you in a past life?  Is the idea of reincarnation real…..or is it just some more spiritual silliness that new age “nuts” want us to believe?  Is there any real evidence for previous lifetimes?  If so….what is it?  And most importantly, how can YOU begin to safely, quickly and easily explore your own past lives on your own, without danger, dogma or doing anything dubious to boot?

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So You Want to See a Psychic? 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Psychics, Spirits and Predicting Your Future

1 – What is the primary difference between a psychic and a medium? Let’s keep this exceedingly simple……with the understanding that there is a whole bunch of cross over and shared skills across many gifted people. But……as a general if not oversimplistic rule: A psychic typically works with the energy of the living.  This could […]

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