Can anyone be psychic?

Do you need to be born special, or gifted, or “blessed” with some sort of uncanny ability to be able to feel the future, see and sense spirit and have access to the wide and wonderful world of magic and mystery that is always available if you seek it?

This is a recurring question that comes up OVER and over and over again….:-)


There is so much myth, misinformation and misconception about what psychic ability actually is……..that people become confused, discouraged or even disgusted at what they see, read and hear from the “experts”.

The truth is – ANYONE can become psychic.

Each and every one of us can naturally enhance, improve and extend our field of awareness to include much more than we recognize in our day to day, humdrum lives.

Expand Your Awareness Exercise/KARMA Clearing Technique

The good news?

 If you are interested in becoming far more intuitively aware than you are right now……

Here are some short exercises that we’ve put together to help you access your intuition, improve your KARMA, and wake UP the wonderful wisdom that lives within.

(this is all part of our upcoming psychic development course – which is opening later this month – we’d love to have you join us!)

Expand Your Awareness Exercise/KARMA Clearing Technique

Agree?  Disagree?  I challenge you to try and apply these simple techniques and watch the wide and wonderful world around you expand….and get bigger and more beautiful in the process.   (and a lot more blissful to boot!)

Enjoy…..and if you’ve got comments – or ideas to add – we’d love to hear them!

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