spirit guide meditationsThink you DON’T have a spirit guide?  Think again!  The truth is, after close to 20 years of doing psychic and spiritual readings of all types of people, I can tell you with 100% certainty that each and every one of us has some sort of spiritual teacher, mentor or karmic connection that IS available when we open our hearts,  minds and ethereal eyes.

With that in mind, let me share 8 simple but surprising things about YOUR guides, you really ought to know.

1 – Spirit guides ARE often known to us, but occasionally, through the prism and perspective of your most recent lifetime, you may NOT recognize them when they appear to you in a time of need.  A good example of this is a NDE (near death experience) or any other traumatic type of event where something appears to you in a moment of crisis, and let’s you know that either everything is going to be okay, or that guides you on the path that you are NOW meant to follow.

2 – As above, sometimes your guides are a few generations of family before the one you know well now.  Great, great grandparents, aunts and uncles of older generations and these sorts of “karmic” connections or extended spiritual families are often those who appear during these kinds of experiences.

3 – Your pets and even children lost very young in age (or even those never “born”) can appear to be guardian angels or guides in many people’s spiritual experiences.  Again, there are THOUSANDS of documented NDE’s where a loved pet will appear to let us know we are loved, and in a spiritually safe space, or…..in other cases, a child who may have died very, very young will appear to reassure us that all is well, and that there IS nothing to fear about the transition experience at all.

4 – Your guides are often the very BEST spiritual instructors when it comes to living a life of PURPOSE, passion and personal  power right now.  How so?  It’s very common for those of us who have experience with these sorts of ethereal energies to be reminded that we are here to accomplish very specific things, that our lives DO serve a purpose, and that we are here to learn specific spiritual lessons that we carry forward with us…both throughout this life, and the journey we make afterwards as well.

5 – While it’s not a “fact”, in my view and many detailed experiences with both my own guides, and those of thousands of clients, readers and subscribers, the level of consciousness we cultivate in THIS life, does in fact play a big role in where we go, and who we re-unite with in the next.

The more compassion your cultivate in this life, and the more curiosity and kindness you bring to the word, the more love, light and spiritual “seniority” you get immediately upon crossing and this DOES seem to coincide with being able to “vibrate” at a level that allows a quicker reunion with loved ones who have crossed a while back as well.

6 – Your spirit guides are NOT there to change your destiny, or to make sure you never get hurt, sick or suffer.  We ALL do those things, as that is the very essense of the nature of being a human being.   Instead, your gudies are meant to ensure that you live your OWN purpose, to follow your own unique spiritual dharma or truth, and to keep going and flowing and growing in the direction of your spiritual destiny together, as a soul group or spiritual family should!

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