Who else would love to be psychic?  How would your life change if you were tuned into to energy, and emotions and a sense of universal “karma’ or connection that feels missing right now?  What if you could open a wide window into the warm and welcoming world that awaits…..without having to come to the end of your life to experience it?

The truth is, you CAN radically transform your own awareness, develop incredible psychic and intuitive senses and extend, improve and generally ENHANCE your experience of the world around you in far too many ways to count, simply with a little bit of practice.

As an empath, and author myself, the most common question I get from readers and subscribers is how to “become more psychic”.

The truth?

There are many, many proven practices that can dramatically amp UP your own intuition, as well as connect you with the magic, and the mystery…and ultimately, the MEANING in your place in the universe around us all.

Meditation works wonderfully well.  So do awareness exercises and specific spiritual tools and techniques that have been practiced for centuries.

But the #1 technique for increasing psychic intuition is actually the easiest to learn, and has the biggest immediate benefits as well.

It’s increasing your ability to empathize with others.  Empathy, or the ability to feel deeply the emotional energy of other people around you, is the “forgotten” skill or quality that connects us to each other in ways that are impossible to describe.

It’s no big secret that working psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers of all types are often called “sensitives”.

And sensitivity, unfortunately……is the one ingredient so many people are missing, EVEN when they have all of the other seemingly spiritual skills to succeed.

You’ll be amazed at how many incredible experiences start to appear in your field of awareness once you strengthen your empathy “muscle”.  Seeing auras, or energy around people is often one of the very FIRST big benefits….and of course, all sorts of other cool and otherworldly experiences, with a little bit of advance practice…..aren’t far behind.

But the biggest benefit?  Being sensitive feels good….and it improves both your spiritual health, and your physical well being as well.  And as you start to experience the world around you with greater depths of emotion and energy, the world around you begins to reveal more of her wonderful wisdom and her spiritual secrets in return!

(and that’s the greatest gift you can get in this life, I promise!)

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