Am I a medium? What are the signs that “spirit” wants to communicate with ME? Do I have a natural psychic gift, and if not… I just going crazy?

We get a lot of questions from people who are exploring their psychic gifts, and many from folks who want to tap into their mediumistic abilities as well. Not surprisingly, many people in our audience really want to cultivate a powerful connection to the other side, and are actively engaged in developing these skills.

All of that is GREAT of course, but the truth is, we also get lots of people who *think* they are having incredible spiritual syncronicities in their lives, simply due to really generic, really broad, and really silly signs they’ll read around the web. (sometimes the “signs” that they are told to look for are things that are laugh out loud funny, and other times, they could be potentially dangerous health issues, and NOT spiritual signs at all, which makes us nervous and disappointed that so much bad information is out there)

Take a quick look, for example…at the list below. (taken from the site you can find after the article)

Many people are hearing voices, because of mental instability. Full stop. And telling people that are suffering from a potential psychologically dangerous break, that they are merely hearing spirits…..and it’s a sign they are a medium, is quite frankly, seriously stupid. (and a sign of complete ignorance as well)

Pretending to have a conversation with a pet? That’s NOT a sign of mediumship – nor are most of the other hyper general, apply to everyone, super simplified shards of advice she offers throughout this post. In general, these are mostly the signs of being a normal, neurotic human being like the rest of us, and don’t point to any deeper mystery.

Mediums aren’t born special. It’s a skill that anyone can cultivate, by paying attention in a very particular way. Some people may be born with better “brains” for psychic and spiritual inclinations (like music, or art, or otherwise) but having a conversation with your cat, isn’t a sign of much, other than you’ve got a cute cat 🙂

Check out the rest of her article at the link below.

You hear voices and have convinced yourself it’s nagging thoughts, overactive imagination, or things you just made up
You’ve pretended conversations with animals: cats, dogs, wildlife
You’ve been getting bad anxiety from out of nowhere, having a hard time breathing
You hear strange noises other rooms when no one else is there or home
You don’t like to be alone especially at night
You’ve felt watched

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