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'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo Dishes on Divorce: Says Her Relationship With Ex-Husband Larry Is 'Fantastic' Theresa Caputo, star of “Long Island Medium,” just gave some insight into what her relationship with ex-husband Larry Caputo is like now. Do Theresa And Larry still talk?  Are…

Los Angeles based Psychic Medium AJ Barrera describes what it feels like to be a medium, and how his gift has manifested in his life.

Tony Stockwell remains one of the most popular, enigmatic and interesting psychic mediums in the world….with a large and dedicated community of fans, followers and admirers both in the general public, as well as within the professional mediumship community as well. (A medium who is well loved by other mediums is often the very highest form of praise, and when asked……many of the mediums in our community rank Tony Stockwell as one of their favorite to watch)

Thomas John circa……well, circa sometime before right now 🙂  If you want to see the seatbelt psychic, before he was the seatbelt psychic, videos like this one are not only…

Q:  Is Lisa Williams Legit? We get a lot of questions about psychic medium Lisa Williams, both for the accuracy of her readings, as well as the accuracy (and integrity) of…