1. Feel what’s going on inside of your
  2. Feel what’s going on outside of you or around you
  3. Seek a center (see how far you can send your awareness into your body. Is there a center…..or can you keep going, flowing and growing in awareness
  4. Explore your edges (do you have done? Send your awareness as far away from your body, as you can and see where you end, and the world begins)

This very basic meditation practice can completely transform your experience as a highly sensitive person. You’ll be amazed at how much more there is, to experience, when you shine the spotlight of attention, and experiment with the unlimited potential of the very awareness, that is present in you, right now….as you read these very words.

We all have the potential to wake up, in any moment. And this meditation practice, will give you a gentle first step into a richer, fuller and more exciting experience as an empath.

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