How do psychics see things?  Do they use different senses from “normal” people?    Does everyone have psychic ability, or do you really need to be gifted to see, feel or sense the future before it happens? 

And how can ordinary people have extraordinary psychic and spiritual experiences, without having to work on changing my entire belief system or practicing techniques I don’t have the time to try?

The BIGGEST gift that a good psychic REALLY has?  (even though you won’t see this on a “list” of psychic skills, it should be!)

Believe or not, EMPATHY.  The ability to feel deeply the pain, and passion and perspective of another person is the key to being able to pick up on things most people ignore, overlook or avoid.  A good psychic is really EMPATHIC, or highly tuned in to the emotions and energy of other people.  (or places, or things…..which also have energy and some of us believe, emotion as well)

In a sense, (no pun intended) the BEST way to develop your own psychic abilities then, is pretty simple.
Start to pay attention to the emotions of other people and allow yourself to feel connected, and compassionate to their pain and plight.

There is a great quote from Plato that I really think summarizes the human experience quite well, and also, as someone on a spiritual path, can be quite illuminating and inspirational as well.

“Be Kind – Everyone is Fighting a Hard Battle”

Once you open yourself up to this truth, and understand that everyone has a hard road to hoe, all of a sudden it becomes infinitely easier to connect with other people’s karma, and their spiritual struggle, and you’ll start to see all sorts of amazing intuitive abilities open up in your OWN life as well.

Other ways to increase your natural intuition?

DO keep an open mind about the magic and the mystery of your life, and your place within the Universe.  Having a CLOSED mind, hard and fast rules or thinking you’ve got it all figured out EVEN when it comes to spiritual matters, is really the one SUREFIRE sign that you don’t.

Everything is always evolving and unfolding, and that includes our own spiritual journey and recognition of the truth.  (something that probably takes far more than one lifetime to understand, or unfold)

DO create a little bit of daily space to meditate on the mystery.  Write things down, keep a journal, be creative and track and measure those moments of spiritual synchronicity that most people overlook.

It’s amazing how many signs and symbols each of us gets that MAY be a subtle way for the universe to remind us to stay on track and to keep following our bliss. 


Simply opening yourself UP  to your own magnificence, and reminding yourself to DANCE in the direction of your dreams and destiny, may be the greatest spiritual gift we have to offer the world as well!


Michael Martin,

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