Any of these questions sound familiar?  If you are anything like the vast majority of people who come to us with issues of karma, or feeling spiritually “stuck” or other everyday issues that MOST folks face, the truth is, there are often enlightening answers available that occasionally PREDATE your current lifetime.  And while we don’t have a ton of space here to discuss the “soul”…I can promise you that you DON’T need to be nutty or even all that odd to get first hand experience that your spiritual self is not only BIGGER than your body, but that is can transcend lifetimes as well.

Curious but not convinced?  Let’s look at 7 things worth knowing about YOUR past lives immediately below!

1 – Let’s start with a MAJOR myth about past lives, and reincarnation research.  The vast majority of people who remember a previous lifetime do NOT believe they were famous, a celebrity or some sort of notable historical figure.  Most remember mundane lives, doing ordinary things…..only with an extraordinary ending.  (the experience of the spirit leaving the physical body)

2 – Not only are past life memories, and the idea of reincarnation overall a very scientifically accessible topic, it is also one of the topics that has some of the most support from scientific, spiritual AND “skeptical” communities as well.  Carl Sagan, the noted Astronomer, Scientist and SKEPTIC extraordinaire – said that past life memories, especially in children, were one of the very “few paranormal” subjects that were worthy of serious scientific study.

3 – Some of the best evidence for past lives DOES come from young children.  There are thousands of documented cases of kids who remember detailed lifetimes, speak foreign languages fluent, play musical instruments and even have physical scars or injuries that correspond with the personality of a previous person, who that child remembers as if it was his or herself.

4 – You do NOT need a medium, a psychic or a spiritual teacher to have a personal experience that connives YOU that you’ve lived before.  As a matter of fact, meditation can be the absolute best way to start the process of retrieving memories that precede your current lifetime, and can open up a gateway of other extraordinary experiences thereafter.

5 – Many people start to have memories of previous lifetimes during sleep.  Much the way that precognitive dreams seem to arise from deep sleep, so too do dreams and vivid experiences of recalling many lifetimes in a previous personality, or as another “body” altogether.

6 – Have recurring conflicts with friends, family members, co-workers and others that seem to never go away?  A past life reading, or a karma clearing consultation can often help not only ILLUMINATE why you may have perpetual problems with another person, but can also reveal that these persistent problems may be part of your karmic connection to those that you love….and across many lifetimes as well!

7 – Exploring the power of perspectives to clear your karma.   The EASIEST way to clear your karma and instantly improve your relationships with others can ALSO often be found in a very specific past life spiritual strategy.

If you see yourself as karmically connected to people that are problematic, and you reverse roles with them…and picture YOU having their traits in a previous incarnation and THEM having yours, it’s a great way to see that from a big picture perspective, there IS no “right or wrong” in most relationships, only perspectives that each of us is here to experience, in order to learn, evolve, go, flow and grow in the direction of our destiny!

What about YOU?  Who were you in a past  life?  Do you have memories of different lifetimes, or have the feeling of having experienced many things you KNOW are new?

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