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As a spiritual life coach and professional empath, one of the most common questions I get from clients is why the world seems to be so challenging these days. If you look around, the amount of BAD news and conflict seems to far outweigh the power of positivity that most of us believe is necessary for peace and prosperity.

It may seem silly, but I believe that the key to transforming the world doesn’t rest on the actions of the BIG countries or their leaders, but instead….on the small daily habits of the rest of us.

As a matter of fact… many great spiritual teachers have taught us over the years, when you change the way you LOOK at the world, the world you look at begins to change along with you!

With that in mind, I want to share 7 simple ideas that can not only improve your own outlook and attitude, but, will also touch the lives of everyone you bump up against, which IS the key to transforming the world in meaningful and MAGICAL ways as well!

Be Curious

Curiosity breeds connection. We are all so conditioned to judge others based on how they differ from us. I don’t care how different you THINK someone is from you, the more curious you are about WHY they see the world the way they do, the more you’ll find you have in common as well. Curiosity is truly a powerful tool for personal transformation, and the closer you look at the ideas of others, the more you’ll discover that everyone simply wants to be happy….and that so much of what we believe are driven by events, ideas and experiences that are A LOT deeper than the opinions we hold on the surface.

Lean Back

Allow for a spiritual space between yourself and others. Feel your energy in the BACK of your body, rather than aggressively, in front. Don’t take things personally, and instead….especially if you are a type A personality like me, create a little bit of a distance between your emotions, and your actions. (especially when you find yourself quick to take ACTION when you perceive a threat) The more you learn to do this, the less likely you’ll be to feel threatened by ANYTHING, as you know you CAN control the consciousness you choose to cultivate in ANY situation or circumstance.

Reverse Roles

Everyone has a story, and every situation has a lesson to teach us, if only we allow it to. Always try to see things from the other persons perspective, if only to get a sense of how the world appears from their eyes. The power of perspectives is an amazing tool for personal development, and if you actually immerse yourself in the “eyes” of another, you can gain a worldly wisdom that is as uncommon as it is magnetic.

Cultivate Compassion

Compassion is the #1 secret to raising your energetic vibration in ways too numerous to count. The truth is, while lots of people hear this and THINK it’s spiritual silliness, there are now tons of scientific studies that show that cultivating compassion actually changes your BODY and your brain. The more you PRACTICE compassion as a way of being in the world, the more your brain re-wires itself to literally BE compassionate, loving and naturally HAPPY, more of the time. (something called neuroplasticity, the way in which your thoughts can actually change the structure of your brain, and transform your inner experience as well)

Smile Often

Smiling is another way to INSTANTLY improve your emotional equilibrium in a spiritual and a scientific way as well. Smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, creates a rush of endorphins in the brain, lowers cortisol (stress) and can even raise testosterone levels.

Hug a Stranger

Just be kind to people you see on the street. (you don’t have to LITERALLY hug them……but of course, that works too!) The funny thing is, the more kindness you cultivate, the more connection you create with others, which is one of the most well known spiritual secrets to long life and a huge helping of happiness to go with it. When you cultivate a connection between yourself and others, and then ACT on it by reaching out and “touching” people through simple actions and deeds, the more you see GOODNESS in the world around you, and the more of that goodness comes back around as well.

Make Gratitude Your Guru

Lastly, just be grateful for all of it. In this moment, you are ALIVE. You are awake, aware and gifted with the amazing experience of being You, in this moment. There is so much meaning, magic and MOJO in just being yourself, in this very moment, and you can fully control how you experience it all with grace and gratitude. This is the ultimate spiritual superpower, and the absolute EASIEST way to transform your life as well. No matter what is happening around you, there is some lesson, some gift…and ultimately, something to be grateful for, no matter how difficult it may appear to be. That is true freedom – and that is the very definition of what it means to be human, and alive!

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