How much should a good psychic reading cost?  How much MORE expensive is a famous or well known psychic over someone who may be equally as talented, but who works by phone or in your local community?

The truth is, as we ring in 2014, there are literally tens of thousands of people who will seek out psychic or spiritual advice in the first few days of the year alone.  The phone psychic advice industry, for example, tell us that out of over 1 million readings that were done for consumers by phone in 2013, the most POPULAR days to seek out psychic guidance are the 1st of the year, Valentines day and Halloween.

Whether you are a true blue believer or curious but not convinced…….getting an enlightening, entertaining and inspiring future prediction to start the year is a great way to get excited about what’s coming next.

Of course, you DON’T need to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to get accurate and inspiring advice from a genuine intuitive, clairvoyant or spiritual professional.

You DON’T need to speak to a TV or celebrity psychic to have an amazing experience, and you don’t need to wait weeks, months or even YEARS to get it.

In my own decade and a half of work in this field, I can honestly tell you that I’ve seen more people have life changing experiences with readers in their own communities, than I have folks who have been to well known mediums who have household names.

For example, EVERY community has “meet ups” that are spiritual or psychic in nature, and if you live in a  big city, or near one, you probably have access to tens or even hundreds of really capable and talented readers who will work for a fraction of the price you’d pay for someone on the national stage.

Many communities have psychic fairs and events, especially in the warmer months (or year round warmer climates like where I live in Florida) and this can be a great way of getting a world class reading for $50 or under.

Telephone psychics can be a great and entertaining way to have a fun and enjoyable experience as well, all from the comfort and convenience of home.  (no waiting, no travel, and usually are 100% guaranteed as well)

In my own life?  As a writer and publisher of several books on psychic and spiritual experiences, and having had more than 1000 personal readings myself while documenting and detailing these experiences, my FAVORITE psychic experience of all time cost $18…and was done by phone.

My worst?

Cost well over $1000 even with a discount….and required me to wait weeks for the appointment (even though I knew the readers “manager” professionally) and the reading was SO bad, that I actually thought about asking for my money back to boot!  This was a medium with a household name at the time, and an experience that I will never forget, and always regret.

If you truly have an open mind and an adventurous spirit and are interested in what the Universe has in store for YOU this year, and need to do it on a budget,  my best advice is to either stay local……or get a reading by phone.  Write everything down, keep an open mind and let the magic and the mystery of the experience INSPIRE you to live the life you love!

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