Curious to know what the best questions to ask a psychic may be?  Do you have a reading scheduled and have absolutely NO idea what to ask?  Or maybe you are facing a major set of crisis or confusion in your own life and desperately need psychic or spiritual advice to give you a gentle nudge back in the direction of your dreams.

No matter what your reason or motivation, the truth is, a good psychic or intuitive reading can offer crystal clear clarity and give you a gentle nudge  in the direction of your dreams, and destiny as well.

Let’s look at some super simple questions you can ask to make sure you’re reading is as good as it can be.

1 – Evidential Questions

What are they?  Questions designed to provide first hand evidence that the reader is real.  Evidential questions are things you can ask that ONLY a loved one you’ve lost may know, for example. (in the case where the reader is speaking or communicating with spirit)  OR, a question that adds a layer of truth and trust to what the reader is already telling you, BUT that offers a deeper level of understanding than simple guesswork could provide.

2 – Yes or no questions.

Or said differently, questions that the medium asks YOU should be yes or no in nature, at least until you are 100% sure that the information and insight they are getting is genuine.  The funny thing is, many people go into a reading and no matter how “tough” they think they are going to be, they begin to “spill the beans” before the reading even begins.

If you tell the reader too much……no matter HOW good they may be, you are going to ruin the reading by offering up too much information.  Keep your answers short – and keep your questions specific, and you won’t find yourself stepping into this trap.

3 – Prepared questions

I tell everyone who comes to see me to prepare a list of 5 BIG questions they really want to know.  Write them down and keep them with you, and you’ll be far less likely to find yourself drawing a blank when the reading begins.  Believe it or not, one of the BIG problems that many people face during a reading is not asking the WRONG questions….but not having ANY questions prepared, or written down in advance.  The most common aftereffect of this strategy is REGRET!

People hang up the phone, or leave the reading, and then kick themselves wondering why they forgot to ask so many of the things that they really wanted to know….but forgot or drew a blank in the heat of the moment.  When you write your questions down…especially well in advance, the chances are, not only will you get what you really want to know ANSWERED, but you’ll maintain control of the questions, and the reading overall as well!

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