So You Want to See a Psychic? 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Psychics, Spirits and Predicting Your Future

1 – What is the primary difference between a psychic and a medium?

Let’s keep this exceedingly simple……with the understanding that there is a whole bunch of cross over and shared skills across many gifted people.

But……as a general if not oversimplistic rule:

A psychic typically works with the energy of the living.  This could mean using a whole range of more conventional abilities to pick up, sense or intuit information, insight and illumination about your life… the recent past, present or foreseeable future.

A medium, on the other hand…typically works with the energies of those in spirit, and is less concerned about your current lifetime.  Some mediums have absolutely NO intuitive gift at all, and are not very skilled at reading people.  Instead, they get their information from those that have crossed, and simply act as an intermediary, a channel or as a conduit between your loved ones who have crossed, and yourself.

2 – Does when someone dies play a part in when you should see a medium?

Contrary to most conventional advice in spiritual circles, the truth is… should always WAIT a while to connect with someone who has crossed, simply because of the very transient nature of consciousness and emotional energy, both in this world and the next.  When someone close to you dies, you are much more likely to be exceptionally raw, emotional and even in some cases, unprepared to deal with those emotions in a skillful way.  Seeking a medium is a natural reaction to this sort of pain, but the immediacy of the emotional attachment to a recent death can make the reading difficult for all.

In addition, you have to remember that your loved one needs “time” to transition properly as well.  (even though the topic of time itself is a very controversial and complex notion when we leave this world)  The best idea is to wait 6 months, or until you feel a sense of emotional equilibrium about the experience.  Also, it’s important to remember that many spirits WILL come through to you in the meantime, through dreams, sounds, smells or sensory experiences without the need for a medium or channel to facilitate.

3 – Can my loved ones in spirit predict or foresee my own future?  If so…how so?

A spirit who has access to some higher levels of awareness, or karmic connection, will often see the “big picture” about your life, or destiny or greater purpose and life mission.  From that perspective, those in spirit who are “enlightened” in this area can in fact tell if you are dancing in the direction of your destiny……or if you are stuck, heading in the WRONG direction of making choices that are antithetical to what you are “here” to do.

In that respect, many spirits who are a bit more advanced…..or may have been on the other side for a while, may try to guide the medium, and the individual to follow a certain path, or to avoid other things that may be derailing you.

Other times, however…..your loved ones in spirit simply want to offer hope, help and ultimately…….evidence that they are still around, and provide validation that life (and LOVE) both continue after the physical body dies.

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