Q: Is there any really good evidence for the idea that we’ve lived before? Or, what about the notion that we’ll live again? Do we reincarnate with the same soul in different bodies, or, like many Eastern religions teach….is there only a slender shred of the soul or spirit of the previous life that comes back to the present one, without any real relationship, or recollection of the previous one?

A:  The truth is, there are lots of lots of different ideas, and opinions on the idea of past lives, karma and the idea that the soul or personality persists from lifetime to life.  Even in a field as “open minded” as newer age or alternative spirituality, there is LOTS of disagreement, and often bitter dispute, when it comes to the idea of reincarnation.

The funny thing?

past_livesThere is actually  A LOT of scientific support for the idea of at least some type of reincarnation, and there has been a lot of serious study done that would amaze even the most enthusiastic spiritual junkies and ethereal aficionado’s who aren’t aware of how much evidence there really is.

For example….books written by the late and pretty much universally respected Dr. Ian Stevenson (including his landmark scientific study “20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” was not only a meticulous record of past life memory in small children, he also documented all sorts of amazing cases that would make most of our heads spin – including kids who were born with birthmarks that corresponded with “death” injuries they remembered as previous people, children who had PRODIGY style talents and skills that were reminiscent of other lives they remembered in great details

(including kids who played musical instruments that they had never seen in their current incarnations and spoke languages, often from their first words…that they had never been exposed to, yet were the conventional conversational language of the lives they remembered living before)

So if you think that everyone who remembers a past life THINKS they were Napolean…..or Jesus, or some sort of channeled entity from a different dimension, think again 🙂

And if you think the best evidence for past life ONLY comes from hypnosis or past life regression like you may read about in books like “Many Lives, Many Masters” or other more “pop” spirituality you may see on Dr. Oz….that’s not the whole story either.    (although it’s fun to watch, and does add something worth knowing to the story)

Check out the great article below on some of the really  compelling, convincing and quite extraordinary explorers who were (and still are) shining a bright and powerful light on the possibility that we may have ALL been here before!  🙂  You can read the full article at the link following the short except below.

The late Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918–2007) of the University of Virginia was the preeminent reincarnation researcher. Dr. Jim Tucker, who has taken over where Stevenson left off, described some efforts to get his and Stevenson’s joint research published in mainstream peer-reviewed journals—frustrated efforts.

They had just finished a thorough review of an interesting case in the American mid-west. A little boy named Patrick had three birthmarks that matched wounds on his dead brother’s body. Patrick’s brother had died before Patrick was born, yet Patrick seemed to have memories of events in his brother’s life. The little boy also had a limp like his brother, though doctors found no physiological reason for Patrick’s limp. Many signs pointed to Patrick being the reincarnation of his dead brother.

Dr. Stevenson titled the case study “Unexpected Correspondence of 4 Physical Abnormalities between a Boy and his Deceased Brother.


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