Will I be happy? Will I live a life that I truly love? If not… why not? And if it’s so easy to be happy, why do so many people seem to be wallowing in misery everywhere I look? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the millions of people who ask ourselves some variation or permutation of this question every day, the simple truth is, no easy answers seem to appear.

But, as an emotional intuitive and spiritual coach myself, I often find that the true answers for living a life of hope and happiness are FAR easier and accessible than most people realize, and I apply that first and foremost to my most important “client” and responsibility – myself! The real secret to happiness can truly be summed up in a sentence, and in a few key words as well.

The first is service.

The more you give… the more you get back. That’s not a simple nice thing to believe, either. It’s 100% tried, tested, TIMELESS and true… and is grounded in both science and spirituality, as well as the most recent self help surveys and personal development technologies.

Next is growth. If you aren’t making PROGRESS in your life in areas that are meaningful and important to you, you simply won’t ever feel fulfilled.

Period. There is no greater enemy to finding fulfillment in life than the feeling that you are standing still… and those who push the envelope when it comes to dancing in the direction of their dreams, even a little bit, are ALWAYS the people I come across in my own practice that are happiest, and feel most alive.

Lastly, you’ve got to believe in something BIG. Bigger than yourself for sure.

A sense of purpose and PASSION and a path that you feel is karmically connected to your true and authentic reason for being. True happiness comes from confidence, compassion and knowing why you are here. Knowing what you want to do, and believing that it matters. Both in your life own life… and in the lives of those who look to you to lead.

That truth is as old as the Tao Te Ching… and is still as timeless, and transformational today.

My own life changed in amazing ways when I had a spontaneous spiritual experience more than 10 years ago, that proved to me, that there was much MORE to life than our ordinary senses, and physical bodies could reveal.

That there was a magic, a mystery and a meaning to the universe… and that there was a purpose that I was here, and that my own journey was to discover what that was. I truly believe that looking within, and asking for guidance, EVEN if you’re skeptical, cynical and spiritually unsure if the very FIRST small step to finding out what that is for YOU.

That is truly my hope for you. (And when you do… hope, help and authentic happiness reveal themselves to you in ways that will amaze and inspire you, I promise. 

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