What is a shared death experience?  Is it anything like a near death experience?  What are the differences?  What does it prove?  Does it provide even MORE evidence for an afterlife…..or heaven, or the idea that when we DIE, we continue to live?  

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the very little known, but VERY compelling, common and COOL spiritual adventure now being called by scientists a “SDE” or shared death experience.

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What is the definition of a shared death experience?

Good question.  It is when 2 or more people actually share in the features of a NEAR death experience together.

For example?

When someone is close to death, or has an actual death experience, and others around that person actually see, feel, hear and encounter the very same spiritual sights and senses as the person who is near death, or who has in fact, crossed over and died.

How is it most commonly reported?

2 ways.  The MOST common is a conventional near death experience in a hospital or hospice setting, where the person who is actually close to death, comes back to talk about it, and quite often, when a SDE happens, a close family member, or friend, or even occasionally in a hospital setting, a “roommate” actually experiences the very same phenomena together.

This can often provide incredible verification and first hand evidence that the experience was NOT a hallucination or happening as a result of too little oxygen in the brain, or any of the common explanations skeptics like to make about the NDE.

After all…..if another person who is totally healthy, accurately and honestly and completely corroborates the entire journey, especially if they are skeptical or a NON believer,  it’s pretty difficult to explain away as a brain blip or hallucination.

Also, another very common feature of the SDE is when MULTIPLE people experience the same thing and DO come back, where the person who is actually having the NDE does not.

This is common where a parent or family member may be having an NDE in a hospital and then actually dies, and the siblings, or immediate family or friends at the bedside, all have a transcendent experience of love, light and and feel like they have left their bodies and traveled part of the way with their loved one, to what may await beyond.

It’s also worth noting……

That this is a very newly studied phenomena, and a book documenting many of these incredible experiences was recently written by the person who coined the phrase, “Near Death Experience” over 40 years ago – Dr. Raymond Moody.  Not only has HE had an SDE himself, he’s studied hundreds of other cases where people have shared this incredible journey together…and documented some of the BEST cases for the rest of us to review!

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