Are you psychic……or just going nuts?  Ever wonder if those strange serendipitous spiritual experiences were a sign you were special…….or maybe you are just crazy?

The funny thing is, anyone who has worked in the spiritual development field in any capacity, knows that some degree of head scratching self doubt and wonder is a big part of the experience of waking up to your own ethereal experiences.  (whether they are real or imagined…..if you aren’t scratching your head and questioning your own sanity when crazy cool or extra ordinary things start happening, you aren’t thinking critically enough for us to be confident they are!)

Here is a new book that tackles JUST that question, written by author and psychic medium Carole Lynn, called (quite accurately) – “Am I Psychic or JUST Making it UP?”

You can read the full interview with Carole at the link following the short excerpt below,and pick up a copy of the book on Amazon here as well.

1. What was your prime motivation and inspiration for writing your book, “Are You Psychic or Making it Up?: Understand and Manage Your Psychic Self and Your Loved Ones Who Think You May Be Losing It”

For many years, people have been emailing me and calling and and asking the question: “Am I Psychic or Making it Up.” It has been impossible for me to give a helpful answer to this question in a phone call or email. It was not realistic to spend three or four hours on the phone with each person who called and even a long email could not contain all that I needed to say. I knew people needed a book that would tell them what to do in order to answer that question: “Am I Psychic or Making it Up?”
When I was a kid and realized I was possibly psychic and when I was in my forties and realized I was also possibly a medium, there was no book like “Are You Psychic or Making it Up?” to help me through the confused feelings I had about my spiritual gifts. Was I psychic and was I mediumistic OR was I making it up?

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