Have I lived before?  Is karma real?  How does it work?  Do the same people I’ve met in this life continue on with me in the next?  Are my parents, my children, my spouse, partners, friends and lovers all part of my spiritual family or soul group?  If not……why not, and how will I know?  Any of these questions sound familiar?  If you are anything like the millions of people who are searching for evidence that suggests that you are MORE than a body….Exploring the idea of past lives, reincarnation and the evolution of the soul from lifetime to lifetime may be the best way to do it!


Because when you fundamentally understand and embrace the idea that there is something within you that transcends your body, and continues on after your physical death, you can finally find TRUE freedom, and live your life fully, completely and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Having a personal experience of a previous lifetime littimes one of the fastest, easiest and most transformative experiences you can have that reinforces that fact.  In my own life, having an intimate, experiential understanding that life does NOT end at death…and that my consciousness, creativity, connection to my “karmic community” continues has given me a confidence that I couldn’t have found any other way.

With that in mind, let me share 3 simple, but powerful and profound past life epiphanies that have transformed my own world view and daily reality…and hopefully, will do the very same for you.

1 – Everything is Karma  (but NOT how you may think)

Each and every earthly experience we have weaves a web in the larger tapestry of our lives.  Small actions, daily interactions and all the simple stuff we encounter everyday is just as important, from the larger scale spiritual perspective, as those things that you THINK are monumentally important in shaping the direction of your destiny, but really aren’t all that big of a deal.

For example?  One of the very common shared experiences that many folks report after having an NDE (near death experience) is that they remembered EVERY person, place and thing that they had ever encountered in their many years on earth.   They report what is called a “panoramic life review” where every conversation, every conflict and every connection is amplified and energized in way that underpins it’s huge spiritual significance.  As a matter of fact, the 1 thing that is very interesting is that most people who have this experience will ALSO report that they can feel the energy and emotions of the other people involved in each and every one of these encounters…and hurtful (or helpful) exchanges are often experienced through the spiritual eyes of the other.

2 – Your Spiritual Self Makes Contracts BEFORE Being Born

How these REALLY work……is really anyone’s guess, and I’m confident that no matter how much I think I have figured out, the likelihood is, I’m probably wrong!  That said, my own experiences, both personally and professionally alike, strongly show that we agree to different types of life conditions, conflicts, agreements and adventures in our physical form, so that we can learn, develop, grow, go and flow in the direction of our ultimate destiny.   I love the Wayne Dyer quote about karma and conflict to sort of illuminate this idea better than I can – “How people treat you is THIER karma.  How you respond is your own”.  The one caveat or addition I’d make to this?  It’s ALL karma…and how you respond to the way that people treat you MAY actually be as important to THEIR spiritual growth, and it is to yours.

3 – One Dream……MANY Dreamers

Much the way that most of us don’t obsess relentlessly about our dreams at night, the truth is….true freedom is realizing that ALL of life is akin to one big dream.  What if you looked at all of your problems, all of your pain…and all of your fears, frailties and insecurities as merely an illusion – the byproduct of a brain, and body absorbed in deep sleep?  What true REALITY is what happens when you wake up after your life is complete….and you finally realize that everything you had just experienced was like a play, or a movie, or a TV show……and your true self is the consciousness, the energy and the experiences that you’ve accumulated along the way?  Discovering this simple secret and timeless truth WILL set you free….Until of course, your soul incarnates in the next life to do it all again!

“This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.”


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