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Now Reading: Rita Berkowitz Spirt Artist and Psychic Medium


Rita Berkowitz Spirt Artist and Psychic Medium

We’ve added a new and very interesting (and  unique!) medium to the directory a few moments ago…….spirit artist Rita Berkowitz.

I’ve been checking out Rita’s work for the last few years on social media and some of the various psychic and spiritual podcasts, and always find her readings, writings and perspective to be interesting, inspiring, unique and a bit of a breathe of fresh air to boot.  (while I don’t know her personally, Rita has an absence of ego that she brings to much of her public work that I find very refreshing and adds a lot of legitimacy to her work as well)

Check out her full listing on our directory HERE....and if you’ve had a reading with Rita Berkowitz, we’d love for you to leave a review, or share your feedback, and experience!



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One Comment:

  • Deb Sacco

    November 24, 2019 / at 1:17 pmsvgReply

    Years ago I had a reading with Rita. She asked who i wanted to come forth and i said my sister. I know Rita is the real deal but she definitely did not see or draw my sister. Everything about the reading was vague and I paid over $200 for a color drawing. I feel that my sister was not there and Rita tried to bluff her way through the reading. I would have preferred that she said ” I’m sorry but your sister isn’t here”

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    Rita Berkowitz Spirt Artist and Psychic Medium

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