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Now Reading: Is Phil Quinn a Real Medium? Share Your Reviews of Phil Quinn


Is Phil Quinn a Real Medium? Share Your Reviews of Phil Quinn

svgMay 27, 2021Musingsgoodkarma

Has anyone had a reading with Phil Quinn?

We have gotten a few questions about Phil Quinn readings, and our impressions of him as a medium – and to be totally honest, he’s not someone we had ever heard of before, hence……we have no experience – nor opinion to offer.

In watching a few of his youtube videos though – i’m not so sure how impressed I am with his philosophy, or his strong assertions.  (we also find it a bit of a red flag when someone makes claims about the nature of how things are – without backing them up with some evidence or something that can be tested or validated – e.g. – in the clip above – “an aura extends 6 feet in every direction” – this is simply an assertion without any evidence – and no scientific basis for validation…..which is something every claim made by a medium SHOULD be subject to – and not something that should be taken as truth.

If you’ve had a reading with Phil Quinn – let us know by email or in the comments -and we’ll share some of the experiences in a dedicated post.

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  • Josephine

    June 1, 2023 / at 7:05 pmsvgReply

    I had a reading with Phil almost 20 years ago & it really was amazing. Family came through & the info was spot on. Even though it was long ago, I have family members who have had more recent readings. They were all very happy with their readings & thought Phil was amazing also.

  • Catherine

    May 22, 2023 / at 6:04 pmsvgReply

    He does not charge a thousand an hour..also,he will do a second visit for half price…and he sends recording of your reading to your email..people should be honest..Catherine

  • Catherine

    May 14, 2023 / at 1:00 pmsvgReply

    I had a reading with Phil and it was great.he knew things no one else did.on my first reading we had technical issues but he rebooked two days later and was spot on. I find it hard to believe some of the things being said about him taking money and not doing your reading….

    • goodkarma

      May 14, 2023 / at 3:17 pmsvgReply

      Thanks, Catherine for sharing – we appreciate your experience – and it’s nice to hear you had a good experience and reading with Phil Quinn! (the folks who have shared here about not so great experiences are also important – and we’ve received about the same amount of those by email as well that are not published (as I don’t feel it’s our job to share negative “reviews” that are submitted by email, rather than as comments on the site) – but our default position (after thousands of reviews over the years of the many folks we’ve featured on our community) is that people are sharing their honest and authentic experience – to the best of their ability and recollection – and patterns do emerge fairly quickly – so what may be “hard to believe” for you – certainly isn’t for me – predicated on much of what we see, behind the scenes – in addition to what ends up published – on the public part of our platform. I hope many other people who have had good experiences with Phil Quinn share them – and as long as they’re truthful and honest – I am happy to publish them for others to read. Thanks so much for your comment!

  • Karla

    February 19, 2023 / at 1:27 amsvgReply

    Phil and his husband Steve are scam artists. Do not trust them.

    • Karen

      March 12, 2023 / at 5:20 pmsvgReply

      How do you know?

    • Helen L. Gauthier

      March 22, 2023 / at 1:07 pmsvgReply

      Helen Gauthier
      6 minutes ago
      I watch $75 Chakra class and have not been able to review it again/UGH! I cannot find it. I put in my dissatisfaction and was told I would be sent the link for me to review it again and it never happened. I will never pay for a class again. That was not easy to come up with your high price charge. Please treat me right.

      • goodkarma

        March 22, 2023 / at 3:58 pmsvgReply

        Hey Helen – are you saying that you paid for a class from Phil Quinn on his website – and weren’t able to access it thereafter? We’re obviously not affiliated with Phil Quinn in any way – but would be happy to let other people know if he’s not supporting his paid customers/clients. (as we’ve heard from a lot of folks who feel taken advantage of by Phil Quinn and/or his team) Thanks 🙂

    • Cj

      June 5, 2023 / at 2:07 amsvgReply

      I agree. I had a reading with him 2 years or so ago and it was not legit. I had a reading and he ended it within 10 minutes, stated he could not get a reading from me, told me he’d refund me but also mentioned trying another reading. I was never refunded for a scam.


    November 11, 2022 / at 10:19 pmsvgReply

    I have a reading with Phil Quinn was not happy. he told me that I did not need a reading. and a refund I was going get back. the reading was 10 mins no refund was giving back. I try calling more than once no answer back. I don’t recommender him.
    plus, he never got me a recording disc and never mention my family that passed.

    • goodkarma

      November 12, 2022 / at 12:34 amsvgReply

      Thanks for your review of Phil Quinn, Linda – I would file a complaint with your Credit Card (if you used one) -and share your experience with Phil Quinn everywhere he is rated/reviewed – and let them know (him, or his office) that not refunding your money is going to cost him a lot more, than the cost of the reading. We have no patience for this sort of “scam” – and if you need help, send us an email and I’m happy to advise. Sorry this happened to you – but appreciate you sharing.

    • Greer

      April 6, 2023 / at 4:36 pmsvgReply

      Well Linda, I just had a similar experience. He ended the 1 hour reading ended after 10 minutes, and said he would process a refund. He never processed it. He said there would be a recording of the 10 minutes that I did receive, but never provided it. He said to contact someone at his office to reschedule the reading. That person never responded to email. I know he is a highly skilled celebrity, but come on. Its so wrong to play with people like this when youre claiming to be spiritual.

      • goodkarma

        April 6, 2023 / at 4:55 pmsvgReply

        This feels to me like something you’d want to report – to either your credit card company – the bank – the BBB – on Yelp (if he’s listed there) his youtube channel – and otherwise. There is absolutely no chance that if folks like Phil Quinn are scamming people out of money, that you shouldn’t have every type of recourse you’d have if you paid for a mechanic to fix your car – and they never did – or you pay a landscaper to fix your lawn – and they never show up 🙂 There are many laws that are relevant here – and to be honest, the pain that ordinary people who have had bad experiences with Phil Quinn (if that’s indeed true -which is appears to be, by dint of the repeated pattern of similar experiences shared here – which we can’t of course, validate) – but if it is indeed true – the financial, legal and reputational pain that you can inflict on his business – is far greater than the amount he has failed to refund – on any individual reading. (PS – Phil Quinn is certainly not a celebrity – I get that he frames himself as such – but no one we know in this space, who are legitimately well known authors/teachers or “mediums” in this space – has ever heard of him – nor have I, prior to the reports we’ve gotten here about his services)

  • steve

    October 27, 2022 / at 7:37 pmsvgReply

    £1000 per hour per reading

    • goodkarma

      October 28, 2022 / at 4:15 pmsvgReply

      Are you saying that Phil Quinn charges $1000 per hour for a reading? If so……he’d better be a lot better than what we’ve seen of his work! 🙂 Going to do a deeper dive into Phil Quinn and share thoughts – he’s not someone I’ve ever heard of – but have gotten a bunch of questions about him over the last year – so if he’s charging folks 1000 an hour – based on the very little of his stuff I’ve seen – that invites some closer inspection.

  • chris

    October 7, 2022 / at 6:19 pmsvgReply

    I had a reading with Phil and it was lovely….he tuned in and we had a great discussion..he was timely and responsible…..

  • Charlene Green

    March 23, 2022 / at 7:11 pmsvgReply

    I had my first reading with Phil on Feb. 25th, and it was spot on. My phone rang right at my appointment time since I was not on a live reading. He brought up some information from my husband that I have never told anyone else, and it was true. I lost my husband some time ago and everything he said was accurate. My husband and I were unseparatable, were worked together and was rarely apart for 24 years. My life stopped when he pasted but finally I feel a connection again all to the gift that Phil has given me. He is the real thing

  • Judy

    January 19, 2022 / at 7:32 amsvgReply

    I wished I could set up appointment with him I have learned so much from his utube videos

  • Niko Booker

    January 4, 2022 / at 9:22 amsvgReply

    Phil Quinn is 100% legitimate, after losing my wife back in August 2021 I was desperately looking for a medium A. The love my wife and I have had for each other was none like anything anyone has ever experienced. I literally thought there would be no issue with her contacting me. Because I could not communicate with her, I searched for a psychic medium desperately. I found tons of so called Hollywood mediums which I highly doubted. I finally found Phil online. After watching several of his videos and teachings I implemented some of his teachings and began to sense my wife’s presence. I definitely plan on hiring Phil for a reading and will keep you posted of my experience

  • S Thorne

    November 19, 2021 / at 4:27 amsvgReply

    I paid 100.00 for what turned out to be a 20 min reading online. He basically just asked me what he could help me with and gave encouragement. Of course I appreciate that, but I didn’t get the impression he was in touch with those who have passed. Also said he would recommend an herbal remedy specific for my health problem and give me a free reading as a follow up, but he never responded to my emails.

    • goodkarma

      November 19, 2021 / at 5:08 pmsvgReply

      Thanks for sharing your reading with Phil Quinn – sounds disappointing – and i’m not a fan of hearing mediums recommending “herbal remedies” for health problems – (as they aren’t doctors or medical professionals – and there is much that can – and has gone wrong when they assume they are) – and of course, not responding to follow up emails isn’t good either. Much appreciate you sharing – i’m sure others will find it helpful!

    • Cynthia Basham

      March 23, 2022 / at 5:33 pmsvgReply

      I booked a reading almost a yr ago. He had to reschedule my reading because of personal issues and I was ok with that. But my reading was for today and he was a no show. I prepaid for this meeting so very unhappy at the moment. Have emailed twice now to get a refund but have had no reply yet. But I did just email a few minutes ago. Very very unhappy at the moment.

      • goodkarma

        March 23, 2022 / at 5:43 pmsvgReply

        Thanks for sharing your experience with Phil Quinn, Cynthia – keep us updated on whether you get a reply – and a refund. This mirrors someone else’s example on our site with a Phil Quinn reading – i’m not very impressed with what I’ve seen of him – but my opinion (running this site) doesn’t really matter – what does matter, is that people in this space are honest, reliable, transparent and courteous to paying clients and customers – and if this evolves into a pattern with Phil Quinn (as we’ve now heard a few similar stories which suggests more than an offhanded oversight – i’m happy to write something more prominent on our platform with a bit of a warning to all) Thanks so much – hoping all goes well for you – and keep in touch!

  • Surj

    October 29, 2021 / at 2:42 pmsvgReply

    Hi please can someone tell me how to book a reading with Phil quinn I think he’s amazing and having lost a loved one recently I am desperate for a reading thanks

  • Susanne Tillmanns

    September 3, 2021 / at 5:51 pmsvgReply

    I had a reading with Phil and it was amazing. He is clean and honest and able to connect with beings on the other side (loved ones etc.) and to transmit answers or advices etc. on any kind of subject. It can help a lot, if you feel stuck for a long time in your life to ask Phil for clarification. The more you want to know and the more specific you are, the better the outcome.
    A great opportunity!

  • Ivy Allen

    August 4, 2021 / at 1:40 amsvgReply

    I had a reading with Phil, he is for real. He told me something that only my husband knew!!! I thinks thoughtful and very endearing !!!

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