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Medium Kim Russo

What is Kim Russo the psychic medium really like in person?  What is it like to film “The Haunting Of……”with so many celebrities, skeptics and spirits all in one place?  What is it like to BE psychic and to have spent a lifetime seeing and sensing spirits where ever you go?  Can you tune them out?  Are they always around?  And can ordinary people have extraordinary experiences with spirit OR do you have to be born with the gift?

Any of these questions sound familiar? 

The truth is, other than Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium) we get MORE questions and inquiries about Kim Russo these days than just about any other famous psychic, medium or clairvoyant “coach” working in the world today.  It’s no surprise as “The Haunting Of…..” is a very interesting and eclectic show, featuring spirits, skeptics and celebrities…….. and the weird, wild, wacky and often WONDERFUL world where all of this intersects for OUR viewing pleasure 🙂

You can view our recent directory listing and reader reviews of Kim Russo (the HAPPY Medium – a moniker I happen to love 🙂 to find out more about her private readings and personal appearances, or read the recent interview she did for Biography.Com on some of her favorite moments from the 2nd year of this great show.   You can read the whole interview – including some of her thoughts on becoming psychic, speaking to spirit yourself and some of the incredible experiences many of the celebrities had on the show – check it all out at the link following the short excerpt below.

That being said, some people are more psychic, or sensitive to energy. They are born with a heightened psychic antenna that very easily can attune them to spirit frequencies which exist all around. . .Another way people can obtain a heightened psychic antenna is through traumatic events that may happen in their life such as being near death with high fevers or near fatal accidents. It is believed that somehow, something in the person’s energy field opens up to connect them to other worlds or beings. Another popular way for most people to tune into higher frequencies is being in a very relaxed state of mind; i.e., while doing mundane tasks such as meditating or getting ready to go to sleep. Being in this calm state, one automatically has their guard down, and is able to absorb new information and become more resourceful and open to new possibilities such as seeing or feeling a spirit and/or ghost.

Medium Kim Russo Talks Dead People and Celebs in ‘The Haunting Of…’ – Celebrity –

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  • Leslie Smith

    May 19, 2018 / at 4:21 pmsvgReply

    Kim, I’m afraid and need your help. I’m a very spiritual person who is a sensitive with the gift of discernment for spirit & the living. I’m able to tell if someone is ill by looking at them & especially if I touch them, many times I’m shown where in their body & what is wrong with them. Two times that stick out the most & scared me the most is when I accurately predicted the deaths of my brother & brother in law , two people I was very close to. My dreams are epic, colorful & so real that when I wake it takes awhile to realize it was a dream. Many times there are spirits in my dreams warning me, guiding me or showing me the way. These spirits also try to tell me things in epic, confusing ways that I don’t understand & a recurring dream is that I have powers that I haven’t used yet which scare me to death because I’m a cradle Roman Catholic that was taught that it was wrong to mess around with the occult but I can’t help what I see, feel or dream, its a part of me as much as my right arm is. Please help, I’m scared, confused & need guidance…

  • clarita makigod jones

    April 1, 2015 / at 5:04 pmsvgReply

    hi,my name is clarita makigod jones.i would like to contact kim russso,but I don’t know how?can u provide her contact numbers please?

    thank you.

  • Chris B

    October 7, 2013 / at 5:16 pmsvgReply

    I do not know Kim Russo but have this compelling feeling that I need to contact her. This is ridiculous but for some strange reason I was drawn to contact her when watching a television programme.
    I would like some feedback as this is most unusual.

    Regards and warm greetings

    Chris B

  • betsy

    August 23, 2013 / at 11:46 pmsvgReply

    Hi! I think you’re great and help people so much with what you do. My question is, how do I figure out who the spirit I feel around me is? I’ve only been able to get actions not answers from it. Again thank you for sharing your gift with folks and making a difference in the world! Love and God bless!

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    Medium Kim Russo

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