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Let’s start with the #1 thing that will lead a spiritually sensitive person to drop you from their life.

If you are in a relationship with someone who feels the world more deeply than most, or picks up the energy (or emotion) of people and places in unusual ways, the absolute WORST thing you can do is to discount, or degrade her experience.  (mocking, laughing, disregarding or discounting an empaths feelings is the quickest way to make her (or him) feel isolated, ignored and “un-seen”, which is a tremendous burden on someone who feels our OWN feelings with unusual clarity and overwhelm)

Empaths can’t stand:

People who are manipulative, overbearing and quite often…..people who are prone to frequent mood swings or capricious behavior. (most empaths will end up taking the same emotional or energetic journey of the people we come in close contact with, making the inner experience of others, pretty frequently, our own inner experience as well!)

Empaths tend to also avoid people who are much more located in their heads….rather than their hearts. This is a broad generalization of course, but the truth is, if you’re in relationship with people who tend to diminish, minimize or even discount your experience as a spiritually sensitive person completely, you are going to find yourself defending yourself with heart based arguments, to people and partners who are prone to head based logic – a combination that rarely ends well for all.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Here is you’re experience as an empath:  You walk down the street.  People think you are minding your own business.  But what you’re really doing?  You’re being bombarded with the thoughts, feelings, emotions and energy of all of the people around you.  You’re not trying to of course……it’s just happening.  Simply because your intuitive antenna is dialed up in a way that other people simply can’t understand.

What do empaths understand that “normal” people don’t? Empaths understand that people’s internal experience is NOT internal at all. We all broadcast our inner emotions in all sorts of ways that empaths, healers, and spiritually sensitive people can feel from the inside out.

And if you’re an empath, not only do we have to navigate our own inner awareness and experience, we often find ourselves having to navigate the inner experience of others as well.  This can be a great gift of course.  But it can also be a terrible curse.

We spoke to several professional empaths about their own experience as healers and spiritual teachers, and they shared some incredible stories of what it was like to be “them” in daily life.

One of the things that many empaths are struggling with through Covid 19 is quite predictable.  We’re feeling the erratic emotions of the world around us.  The news, in particular (be it on TV, online or even social media) is proving to be particularly challenging for many of us.

The best way to deal with this challenging time as an emotionally sensitive person?

Practice Metta, or loving kindness meditation.  (you can learn how to do that, here, or here)

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