Here is a really good, feel good story about a pet psychic, Joan Ranquet…..who helped locate a missing horse using telepathy, leading her owner and rescue crew directly to the ravine where Gemma (the missng horse) had fallen.

Of course, you’ll get all of the skeptical and cynical protestations about good luck, and lucky guesses and all of that same stuff….BUT, the important thing is, the Pony was found – alive and relatively unscathed – and all is well that ends well for all 🙂

Check out the whole story at the link following the short excerpt below. 

Telepathic connection Gemma, a Fjord horse, had been missing for more than a day when her distraught owner got in touch with Joan Ranquet, a pet phsyic.After looking at a picture of Gemma, Joan claims she was able to telepathically connect with the four-year-old, who had a history of escaping. Joan said that she sensed that the horse was in a small enclosed place, where there was a sound of rushing water.”I just got some pictures and words and feelings – I got a sense of where she was,” Joan told Kiro TV. “It’s the process of telepathy, which is something that we all do. But I got good at it.””I didn’t hear a lot of words. It was more just a sense of those pictures and the sounds.”The manager of Saddle Rock Stables in Washington, USA, where Gemma was kept, said she immediately knew where to look and led rescue workers to a steep ravine, where the horse was found stuck on a narrow ledge.

Psychic helps rescue pony from 70ft ravine | Horse and Country TV

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