Who else would love to experiment with talking to the dead? 

I always hate using the word “dead”…simply because I don’t believe ANY of us ever really dies.  Our bodies may disappear, but our spirit, our energy, our enthusiasm for LIFE, and our essence….continues on forever.

Of course many people read the above statement and think it’s total nonsense, right?

They think…..if spirits could communicate, they’d communicate with ME!  And there is nothing worse than losing someone you love, or missing someone who has crossed, only to hear other people talk about these incredible spiritual experiences, yet never have one of your own.

As a professional intuitive, karma coach and spiritual seeker myself, I’ve had many incredible experiences with what we loosely call the other side, or the unseen world.  Telling people about those experiences is often far more challenging than the events themselves, simply because they seem so far fetched to those whose minds are perpetually stuck on shut.

That said, here are 3 very common experiences where ordinary people have spontaneous, deeply spiritual and quite extraordinary encounters with the “dead”, and often find their world view perpetually shifted forever…thereafter.

Crisis Apparitions

These are actually very common. (although very little is written about them)  Historically, a crisis apparition occurs at the moment a living person is having a transition experience, or is crossing over to the other side, and will appear to someone they love or care about, often many miles away.  For example, these are incredibly common in military families, where a soldier who is in the process of dying tragically….will appear to friends or family half way around the globe, to say goodbye, and to soothe their spirit.  I had this experience personally many years ago with a close colleague who was in the process of passing, and it’s the sort of event that changes everything you believe about life, death and everything that we’re taught about both.

Near Death Experiences

About 50% of people who will have a NDE will have some sort of contact with a deceased relative or loved one.  Often, the conversations that emanate from these brief encounters will not only convince the percipient that the afterlife is REAL, but will also convince the person to return to their earthly body to continue to learn, love, grow and evolve as well.  (as a very common refrain is – “it’s not your time…and you have more to do”)

If there is any better motivator to figure out your life’s purpose and pursue it with fierce focus and ferocity that THAT…… I don’t know what it could be 🙂

Lastly of course, Psychic Mediums are a great way to communicate with spirit, if you’re so inclined.

Of course not all mediums are genuine, and not all genuine mediums are ALWAYS on.  But, in my own life, I’ve seen many people transformed through the experience of seeing a medium, and there is a great shift in hope, mental health and HEALING that takes place when you get first hand evidence, and personal proof that your loved ones live on.

No skeptic, or cynic or debunker can take away the magic, and the feeling of relief that accompanies a sense of certainly that you’ve communicated with your loved one on the other side, and THAT is truly a beautiful thing to see!

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