Spiritual Oriented Questions

What are they?  Typically they are questions that deal with your own karmic journey through life…and deal with issues like passion and purpose and the sort of existential meaning that EVERYONE needs to feel alive.

While many people think that mediums DON’T get these types of questions all that often, the truth is……they DO.  (the rub being that various types of readers may be better or worse at answering them, depending a bit on their own particular strengths as an intuitive, a different psychic “skills” than communicating with spirit)

Evidential or “PROOF” Oriented Questions

Said more simply, questions that seek to PROVE what the medium is saying is real, true or authentic.

Believe it or not, many people who seek out spiritual mediums haven’t had a recent loss, or don’t really have anyone they want to connect with.

Their reason for seeing the medium is simply to have the experience and to get “personal proof” that an afterlife is real, and that the information that DOES come through is true.

Sometimes these people are super skeptical, confrontational and even downright impolite…..and many professional psychics and mediums abhor these types of scenarios.  (for obvious reasons – much the way any professional would be uncomfortable with a client who is there largely to play “gotcha” or test their integrity)

As a practical matter –

This can obviously be a bit more challenging for the medium, as the type of spirit who generally comes through IS in fact, more tightly connected with the client, caller or person who is sitting for the session.  That said, often times what will happen is people who may be tangentially related  to the client, or ancestral in origin (e.g. – a great grandparent) or a friend of a friend) will come through to offer evidence, and proof that the person can rely on as real.

(BUT – in my own experience having watched those types of readings, and having actually DONE that in my own youth, they are the most difficult sessions for all, as people who simply want to challenge the psychic to “prove” they are real, without an emotional driver or need to speak to someone they’ve lost, is NOT nearly as easy for anyone)

Family Oriented Questions  (directly seeking out information from the other side)

These can be a combination of BOTH #1 and #2 above…..  (evidential and “am I on the right path” questions) but they have ONE big difference.

Ultimately, they are about re-establishing a bond with a loved one whose loss is felt deeply, and whose distance has left a hole in the life of the client that is very difficult to fill.

80% + of all medium readings, and the questions that emanate from them, arise from this sort of scenario.

The 2 most common SPECIFIC questions that arise from this subset of motivations to see a medium?

People want to know that they’re loved ones are okay

And –

They want to know that they WILL see their loved ones again as well.

(and THAT is the purest and most powerful reason there is 🙂

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