What do YOU believe about the long island medium?  Do you believe she is really communicating with spirit?  Or, do you believe there is some sort of trick or technique that only gives the illusion that something genuine is taking place?  Do you believe that spirit communication is even possible….or like many, are convinced there is a catch?

The funny thing is, as a publisher of psychic and spiritual books, blogs and newsletters for about a decade, I have NEVER seen as much controversy in my own community than that which has arisen around Theresa Caputo, and the Long Island Medium as a TV show.


I think there are multiple camps and multiple motivations that fuel skepticism, and the basis of belief of both an individual medium as well as the notion as to whether communicating with the afterlife is possible.

For example….

There are plenty of true blue believers in the idea of spiritualism who don’t appreciate ANY celebrity psychic or medium, simply because they think they’ve “sold out” or are profiteering from their skill.

Then there are other professional mediums who quite frankly are JEALOUS and resentful when they see someone else succeed on such a grand stage, while they wallow in anonymity.   (believe it or not, this group can be the loudest in terms of the criticism)

Then of course….there are many skeptics who believe  anything that purports to be pointing to an afterlife is a scam of some sort, and that because the afterlife is “impossible” as many of them believe a priori, anyone who claims to be communicating with it, or those that are there, is in fact unethical and dishonest.

The funny thing is…….

These same groups of people have been around from the very beginning of time when it comes to studying what is called the “supernatural”.

They are driven by the same human frailties and foibles that the rest of us have.

For example – Theresa Caputo has long been a pretty well known name in New York for charity readings she would do for free for families who have experienced a loss.

(the Forever Family Foundation is a non profit organization that pretty much “launched” her career, simply by broadcasting many of her free readings for parents who lost children)

No one seemed to care too much back then…….and her praise was pretty universal in the local communities where her work was watched.

It’s only once the fame and the TV and the big bucks come into play does the anger and animosity start to flow.

Or, did you know that people who go see a medium and truly believe that they are getting evidential information from the “other side” report an immediate grief recovery that is more healing and helpful than ANY drug on the market?

It’s true….and there are serious scientific studies taking place right now (at the Windbridge Institute for Applied Scientific Research and The Universities of Arizona and Virginia) on the incredible healing affects that having a reading with a medium can have, and how helpful they are relative to other treatments like antidepressants or drugs, psychotherapy, and otherwise.

Even fi you believe that mediums aren’t real….if it makes people FEEL better and able to live their lives in a productive way after suffering a heartbreaking loss, how is that a bad thing?

It would be like telling someone who feels better on an antidepressant that allows them to function again……that the drug may not really be working as advertised, so until we’re sure it’s not really YOU making yourself feel better ,and  not the drug, we’ve got to take it away from you.

If we really care about helping people heal, and live happy and hopeful lives, whatever HELPS should be used.

And medium readings work.

They give us hope.   And hope, even if we aren’t 100% sure what we hope for will happen, is embedded in the fabric of the human spirit.

That’s how I watch the Long Island Medium.  Not with blinders on or with an empty mind.  But through the prism of power and possibility and the potential that what we DON’T know about life and death may be far more exciting…and inspiring than what we do.

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