Which is better – a phone reading or a local psychic?

Are face to face reading more likely to be accurate?

If not….WHY not?

We get a lot of questions about whether we’d pick a phone psychic over a local one….and if so, why. 

Here are a few reasons why.  (although it’s a very personal preference – your opinion, and experience may vary)

– 1 Phone readings are harder to fake.

They just are.  Sure, people will tell me about the fake reading they got from this medium or that one….and I’m not going to disagree – there are “bad” sensitives in every space.

But – the phone provides a layer of anonymity and a filter that makes guessing, or cold reading, or making stuff up far more difficult.  Seeing someone face to face – their body langauge, their appearance, their mannerisms, their dress, their car in the parking lot…..there is just FAR more ammunition to use to cold read, even  unintentionally.

2 They tend to be a lot cheaper, more convenient and a lot more comfortable.

All things being equal….I’d rather be in my house, getting a reading, than in someone else’s.  Plus, they tend to be far more affordable, on average, and are easier to accomodate for all parties.  (and that does translate into cost effectiveness for all – less overhead for the psychic or medium who has to keep an office or spare room spic and span – and less gas money, and less traffic for you:-)

– 3 They tend to instill more CONFIDENCE that the reading was “real”

When someone gets you by phone, and just NAILS a reading…..and didn’t look at you, or see your face, or hold your hand in the process, you tend to be much more confident that the information was good, AFTER the reading is over.  Anyone in this field knows about “readers remorse”, that feeling that a client (or clairvoyant) gets after a reading is over and the client goes home feeling light and happy and inspired…..ONLY to find that friends and family ruin the whole thing with ridicule and reasons “why” the reading went so well.

In my own experience?  Phone readings get more benefit of the doubt from everyone….as there is less to nitpick about, less to potentially re-evaluate after the reading is over (especially from skeptical friends and family who WILL roll their eyes) and they tend to be “stickier” longer, and for good reason.

It’s also worth nothing that most of the serious studies of psychic abilities and medium readings in particular (see the Windbridge Institute for Applied Science as an example) tend to favor “blinded” readings that involve the telephone as well.  (in addition to even more stringent controls)

What say you?

If you’re a psychic or medium – which do you prefer – phone or face to face?


If you’re a caller or client – which do you prefer, and why?

Tell us on TWITTER or by email – or in the community comments below 🙂





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