What Questions Would You Ask a Psychic?

Or, what answers do YOU have about your own psychic or spiritual experiences?  We’ve decided to create a dedicated question and answer community where professional psychics, true believers, and the curious but not convinced could all share thoughts, opinions and experiences on the spiritual path. We’re calling it (not all that originally, I might add […]

Angels & Spirit Guides

6 Things Worth Knowing About Your Spirit Guides

Think you DON’T have a spirit guide?  Think again!  The truth is, after close to 20 years of doing psychic and spiritual readings of all types of people, I can tell you with 100% certainty that each and every one of us has some sort of spiritual teacher, mentor or karmic connection that IS available […]

Psychic Development

Good Questions to Ask a Psychic

Curious to know what the best questions to ask a psychic may be?  Do you have a reading scheduled and have absolutely NO idea what to ask?  Or maybe you are facing a major set of crisis or confusion in your own life and desperately need psychic or spiritual advice to give you a gentle […]

Psychic Blog

3 Questions to Ask a Psychic Medium

Spiritual Oriented Questions What are they?  Typically they are questions that deal with your own karmic journey through life…and deal with issues like passion and purpose and the sort of existential meaning that EVERYONE needs to feel alive. While many people think that mediums DON’T get these types of questions all that often, the truth […]

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Do I Have a Spirit Guide? Guardian Angel and Spirit Guide Readings
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