Have I Lived Before? 3 Ways to Remember Your Past Lives

Who else has vague memories of past lifetimes? Do you often have strange feelings of deja vu or recollections of people, places or things that you’ve never seen before, yet…that feel incredible familiar?

have i lived beforeMaybe you’ve met someone for the first time, but have an incredibly powerful or profound sense of having known them for a lifetime already? Or, maybe you have a strange spiritual sense of having “done this” whole “life thing” before, and can’t shake the intuition that none of this is new?

The truth is, there are many different ways that people experience the sense of having lived before, from conrete memories that you know in your bones are 100% real… a persistent, nagging “sense” or intuition that things are NOT all that they seem to be.

As someone who has worked with hundreds of people to access past life memories, I want to share a few very simple strategies for remembering your own past lives, without any need for expensive gimmicks or spiritual guru’s. (you can do these all from home)

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Some of the best evidence for past lives comes from a strange spiritual space called the hypnagogic state. All sorts of psychic experiences emanate from this space – from apparitions of the dead, to incredibly intuitive intimations of future events and powerful precognitive imagery. The tragic truth is, we FORGET much of what happens in this strange space between waking and sleeping, and thus we lose many of the most profound memories of past lives (and future events) that could otherwise inform our lives. I recommend that my readers and clients bring a notepad to bed with them and to write down their thoughts, feelings and sensations as they begin to doze of….and then to do the same thing again when waking up. What you’ll find is, after a week or two, you’ll start to see that some of the things you thought were meaningless thoughts and ideas end up having REAL significance in your day to day life, including imagery that turns out to be both PRECOGNITIVE (“psychic”) as well as representative of people, places and things that you “remember”, even though you’ve never seen them before.

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These are very easy to do, a lot of fun and can be really, really profound in terms of remembering events, experiences, and even traumas that precede your current lifetime. There are many different types of meditation that are good for past life recall, but my favorite is a guided visualization where you imagine that each year of your life is a floor in a tall building. You start at the top (your current age) and continue to walk down the steps, seeing each set of stairs and the door to that floor being a specific age in your current incarnation. AS you continue to go down the stairs……you’ll get to the point where your memories simply cease. (usually about 3 or 4 for most people) The key is, as you get to these floors, to continue to push through…and eventually you find yourself beyond the building, and entering a new dimension of thoughts, feelings and sensations, which are not only powerful and profound, but also precede your current incarnation as well. (sometimes people will remember a death in a previous lifetime, and the “in between lives” state immediately in this experience, which is very cool)

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Lastly, you can simply get a past life reading from a psychic, intuitive, empath or spiritual mentor who specializes in this space. While a reading is a much lighter process than a regression experience (something I write about in a lot more detail elsewhere) it’s also a less expensive, or intensive experience and something that CAN be a whole lot of fun to boot!

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