Death Bed Visions

One of the most inspiring, helpful, hopeful and HEALING type of spiritually transformative experiences happen each and every day… hospitals and hospices from one side of the globe to the next

Death bed visions…..or the types of experiences that people in their last moments report, often lucidly and with incredible clarity, are one of the most exciting areas to explore.

Recent reports of these encounters with the magical and mysterious in the celebrity set even finding their way into the news over the past few years …..with anecdotes from the death beds of Steve Jobs (his last words reported by his sister to be “Wow……Wow”) and even skeptic Robert Ebert, (who wrote a note to his wife in his final moments saying “this world is all a big hoax”…..while describing a separate spiritual space that she believed he was straddling in his last moments)

The truth is, these happen every day… far more profound ways than a few parting words that seem to suggest a beautiful and blissful unseen energy is around us all.

But are these experiences merely brain blips and hallucinations of a dying brain…..or are they a glimmer or glimpse into a wonderful world that awaits?

Check out a weekend story from the Daily Mail about a new book on death bed visions and the incredible spiritual experiences that those approaching death and their families and helpers share. Also – don’t forget to check out the community comments section below the story for some more great stories from readers….and the skeptics arguments against them as well..;-)


At around 4am that morning, my father gave an audible sigh. It was loud enough to wake my mother, who sleepily assumed that he was having a bad dream.

But he wasn’t. That sigh was his final breath as he died.

No one, least of all my father, had known he was ill. As for my mother, she’d assumed he was still asleep when she rose a few hours later and had breakfast alone.

Afterwards she’d returned to the bedroom and tried, with increasing desperation, to wake him.

There was, however, one person who knew about Dad’s death well before Mum did: my sister Katharine, who lived 100 miles away and was herself suffering from terminal breast cancer.

‘On the night of my father’s death,’ she told mourners at his memorial service some weeks later, ‘I had an extraordinary spiritual experience.

‘It was about 4.30am and I couldn’t sleep, when all of a sudden I began having this amazing experience. For the next two hours, I felt nothing but joy and healing. I felt hands on my head, and experienced vision after vision of a happy future.’

When she awoke that morning, she’d described them to her teenage son Graeme as she drove him to school. Among the visions of the future, she told him, was one of his own child — a yet- to-be conceived five-month-old granddaughter — whom she’d played with on her bedroom floor.

It wasn’t till Katharine got back home that my mother phoned to tell her Dad had just died.

Suddenly, she knew the reason for the powerful surge of energy and joy she’d felt in her bedroom, the sense of someone there. ‘I now know that it was my father,’ she said.

Now, my family isn’t in the habit of channelling ghosts. Indeed, my first reaction to my sister’s vision was close to hysterical laughter.

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