How Did You Die in a Past Life? (QUIZ)

Do you remember dying in a past life? If so…..HOW so? How did you die, and what do you remember? Some of the most amazing and inspiring past life memories come from small children who have detailed recollections of not only their lives, but how they passed as well. Dr. Ian Stevenson, one of the […]

science and intuition evidence

How Easy is it to Remember a Past Life?

What is the easiest way to remember a past life? Are all strange, unplaced memories evidence that I’ve lived before? And how difficult is it to be hypnotized or regressed to a previous lifetime? We get a lot of questions about past life memories, and how accurate (or not) they may be as evidence that […]

Afterlife Evidence

Psychics Who Do Past Life Regression

Is past life regression real?  What is the best way to find a  psychic or medium who works with past lives?  What should I expect?  Can it be done over the phone? Any of these questions sound familiar?  We get at least one question about past life regression, or past life readings, or questions about […]


Do You Remember A Past Life?

We want to hear about it!  Do you have memories of other people…..other places, other PASSIONS and other life purposes that seem to somehow linked to your current incarnation but can’t quite figure out how?  Do you have incredible feelings of closeness and connection to people or places you’ve only recently met or seen? Have […]

past life readings
past lives

Take a Past Life Quiz: The 10 Questions That Reveal The TRUE You

Are you one of the millions of people who are curious about past lives……karma….and the crazy cool connections we have to the people and places we surround ourselves with everyday? What if we go, grow and FLOW from lifetime to lifetime….in the direction of our dreams and destiny, from culture to culture, continent to continent […]

past lives

Past Life Therapy: Life Between Lives (Dr. Michael Newton)

What happens between lives?  Where do we go when we die?  Is there a special spiritual spot we go to wait to be re-born?  Or do you believe that all past life memories, and evidence for reincarnation is just a bunch of new age nuttiness? One of the most well credentialed and interesting people in […]

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