Lisa Williams Books on the Afterlife

We’ve just added a new book to our recommended reading list for 2023¬†– The Survival of the Soul by famous psychic medium Lisa Williams. ¬†While I haven’t read the book personally, several of the mediums in our community not only have recommended Lisa Williams books, but her psychic mediumship training programs as well.

Buying the book feels like an easier, lower bar of entry to Lisa’s work, for those who are interested in her thoughts and experiences as a medium, before signing up for her in depth programs.

Many of us have questions about the passage of life and often wonder what happens when we die. In this amazingly insightful book by medium/clairvoyant Lisa Williams, evidence of the afterlife is explored. Through various channels such as meditation, psychic readings, communication with her Spirit Guide, and a personal near-death experience, Lisa delves into the journey of the soul, discusses the different stages of the afterlife, and reveals what life is really like on the other side.This book addresses the myriad questions many of us have surrounding this subject, especially if we’ve gone through the painful experience of having lost loved ones. Lisa provides a reassuring glimpse into this fascinating topic by exploring the pathway to the afterlife and then to reincarnation; with the realization that death is not final, but rather a transition into the world beyond-a place that should be honored, not feared.

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