A: Interesting! So you want to learn about signs that you may have had a past life. Is there anything specific you are hoping to gain from exploring this topic, such as a deeper understanding of your personality or a sense of closure about events in your current life? Additionally, is there a particular time period or culture you are particularly interested in exploring?

Q: I feel like I drowned in a past life, which may be why I’m afraid to swim in my current incarnation. I’m also looking for the very best scientific evidence for my own past lives as well – not just spiritual advice.

A: Okay – You believe that your fear of swimming in your current life might be related to a past life experience. That’s definitely an intriguing idea and something that many people experience as well (as far as associating a current trauma or trigger to a past life experience or memory)

In terms of signs that you might have had a past life, some people report having vivid memories or flashbacks that they can’t explain, feeling a strong connection to a particular time period or culture that they have never experienced, having phobias or strong dislikes of certain objects, places or activities that they cannot rationalize, or even having recurring dreams that involve themes or experiences that feel very real.

It’s worth noting that there is limited scientific evidence to support the idea of past lives and reincarnation, and many experts consider it to be a matter of personal belief rather than a proven fact. However, many people in our own community, find the concept to be a useful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.