And yet another celebrity/psychic story…:-)

Here is a cute yet very predictable story about Bill and Giuliana Rancic seeking out psychic advice on the conception of their second child via a surrogate, and some of the very stereotypical drama that of course arises when “unusual” advice is sought out. (Bill predictably objecting to seeking out advice from the medium, while Giuliana pushing for it)

Interesting that they went the medium route…rather than seeking out a simple psychic,but my guess is, that’s because a medium makes for better TV! (and probably a bit easier to turn Bill from Skeptic to true blue believer to boot) What do YOU think about seeking out a medium for important medical decisions? Good advice…..or something better left to the professionals?

Check out the full story at the link below!


Faced with the dilemma of trying to decide whether to select one embryo or two for conceiving their second child via surrogate, Giuliana Rancic decides to call in a psychic medium, much to husband Bill Rancic’s objection.

“I’d like to stick with the MD route, personally,” Bill points out.

“Well, I like the medium route,” Giuliana argues back.

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