Does everyone have a spirit guide or personal protector?  Why do so many people seem to perpetually have problems if there ARE angels up above watching us, and keeping us out of harms way?  How come so many bad things seem to happen to me…..even when I try to do the right thing?  Where ARE my angels….and why can’t they give me proof positive that they’re there?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  If you are anything like the tens of thousands of people who are regularly looking for guidance from above but NOT finding it, the truth is, you may be starting to discount the idea that your angels, or spirit guides are even there.

The good news?

In my own experience, you are NEVER alone.  Even when bad things happen, or when you feel abandoned, or in times of severe crisis, there are  always footprints, and spiritual signposts that your spirit guides, or personal protectors….are never far.

So how can you find them?

The truth is, and this is never really popular to propose, but you have to ACTIVELY seek out spiritual guidance, rather than simply sit back and wait for them to appear.

For example?

Asking for help, on a day to day basis…..and taking a few moments of consistent, quiet time to do so is an incredibly powerful way of getting inspired messages from above.

Certain meditations, and visualization exercises are also a great way of manifesting “miracles” in your life, and the appearance of guardian angels, or even spirit guides, in a crystal clear  communication, is not uncommon as well.

But, and MOST importantly, the truth about angels and personal protectors and any sort of spiritual help from above is THIS:

Life unfolds in ways that none of us can really fully understand.  There are meanings, and messages and paths and purposes to ALL of our lives, and each of us has a specific spiritual journey to take that may not be what you THINK it is, or even hope it will be, and for reasons that may never be crystal clear in this lifetime.

(but will become very valuable for what comes next)

In that respect, your guides and angels are always there to guide you, nudge you and direct you simply and subtly, in the direction of your destiny….EVEN if you are kicking and screaming and wondering where your spiritual support is, all along the way!  Trust me….they are there, watching and waiting and you are never alone, and in the end, it will always make perfect spiritual sense as well.

“Everything will be okay in the end.  If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”  – John Lennon

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