Who else thinks that reading psychic reviews is a good way of finding the BEST online psychics to call?

Or maybe you’ve used your local YELP like directory to find the perfect medium or reader for your specific situation?

The truth is, if you have learned to trust and rely on psychic reviews……or ANY type of professional service based on the ratings and write ups of your fellow peers and consumers, it may be a good idea to re-think that idea a bit 🙂


Because the “reviews” marketplace is fraught with frauds and fakes and imposters of ALL types and stripes.  And you are equally as likely, when reading a psychic review, to be coming across the words of a marketer…..rather than a medium.  (or someone who has actually HAD  reading with the medium they are writing about 🙂

Some quick do’s and don’ts for ensuring you get the very BEST psychic reading possible when using online reviews and ratings to select a service?

  1. DO take everything you read with a little bit of a grain of salt.
  2. DON’T think that even the best sounding review or rating couldn’t have been fabricated or made up by someone with some incentive to embellish.  (or lie outright)
  3. DO try to look for some fair and balanced and honest sounding descriptions of experiences described.  If it sounds like it was the “WOW” experience of a lifetime and is written like an advertisement rather than an endorsment…….DO think twice before taking the write up at face value.
  4. DO find out a bit about the site or service that is providing you with the review!  DON’T assume that a fancy website with lots of reviews is doing it because they want to save you time, effort, energy or income…..or out of the goodness of their hearts!
  5. DO assume that they are paid to write the review in some way or another…..be it through the psychics who are listed on the directory (all of ours currently as of October of 2013 are FREE listings, by the way 🙂 OR……they are being paid by sponsors/advertisers who they recommend on the site.

For example? 

As above…while all of OUR psychic listings are free as of this writing, we DO recommend Psychic Source with ads and special offers, and they do compensate us for referrals, which helps us keep the rest of the site ad free.

So when we DO recommend you try them (which we do from our own personal experience as a low cost, fun alternative to higher priced mediums) you DO deserve to know that they pay to advertise on the site….or pay us to refer them visits as well!

Lastly…..DON’T ever spend more than you can afford with any reader, even if they’re reviews are all exceptional, and you trust what you’ve read 100%. Stick with a small budget and “test” a reader for a short time to ensure you’re compatible.

Every psychic connects with different people differently…and until you are sure someone is RIGHT for you, it’s always better to play it safe….than be sorry later!

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