proof-of-heaven-197x300Is Proof of Heaven a true story?

Did Eben Alexander really DIE?

How much of what he described really took place in heaven…..and how much took place in his head?

The truth is, with any story that suggests a spiritual landscape that is separate from the material world, a certain amount of incredulity is expected – and probably even warranted.

After all….I love the idea that we all should be open minded about spiritual wisdom, but NOT so open minded that our brains fall out.  (as someone far smarter than me once said 🙂

Dr. Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven, has faced a persistent and blistering assault since it’s publication many months ago….and after 2 million books have been sold, it’s no wonder why so many skeptics,and cynics find the whole idea so enraging.

They believe a well known doctor has “sold out”, and used his scientific credibility to sell a spiritual truth that THEY believe is a lie, and a shallow one to earn perpetual piles of profit over those desperate to believe.

The fact is, no one knows what Eben Alexander experienced during his coma.  And taking anything, or anyone at face value….and NOT critically examining it through your own lens of life experience, even if that’s merely a filter of faith, is silly.  (spiritually silly and scientifically silly, too)

I’m going to be totally honest here.

I’ve always found Eben Alexander’s credibility a bit suspect – simply because he has been SO incredibly high profile – and some of his “realizations” in that state differ a bit from what I’ve expereinced myself, but so what?

If his experience was a bit more creativity constructed than it should have been (or even outright false) it doesn’t negate the many MILLIONS of NDE’s that ordinary people who don’t write books – and don’t appear on TV – and don’t care about publicity – have been fortunate enough to have 🙂

That’s what the skeptics, or cynics seem to forget.  That one Near Death Experience doesn’t validate spiritual truth.  Nor does discounting it – or finding it flawed, or even making the messenger look like all the rest of us when the mirror is held so close as to reflect regrets, mistakes and mis-steps along the way.

Todays high profile attack on Alexander, and Proof of Heaven, in Esquire magazine will unfortunately make lots of people think twice.  Not only about HIS near death experience, but anyone else who shares a similar story in the future.

And regardless of whether Dr. Alexander is real or not – right or not – honest or not – that is the one spiritual sadness I think we can all agree is a shame.

Check out the full review of Proof of Heaven, and the most recent rebukes – by checking out a few of today’s stories, at the links below.

Anyone who claims he died and went to heaven, met God and then came back to tell the tale is apt to encounter some skepticism. But nearly 2 million people found neurosurgeon Eben Alexander credible enough to buy “Proof of Heaven,” a memoir about his adventures in the afterlife.

Esquire Unearths ‘Proof Of Heaven’ Author’s Credibility Problems – Forbes

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