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Now Reading: Have I Lived Before? 8 Past Life Facts You May Want to Consider


Have I Lived Before? 8 Past Life Facts You May Want to Consider

Have I lived before? What is the REAL spiritual truth about past lives? Do we all reincarnate? What is the point? How do past lives affect or influence current incarnations?

And if we DO “come back”, why can’t we remember?

Let’s take a closer look at a few common myths and misconceptions about past lives and see how they may manifest in your current life as well.

Why don’t we remember past lives? IF they’re REAL, we should remember….right?

First of all, memory is a very tricky thing. What we DO remember and why, is a mystery to most who study them. Children, for example…..are FAR more likely to remember their past lives in detail, and to be able to express those memories in a way that makes those memories appear VERY convincing.

Yet……those very same children are almost uniformly likely to FORGET their past life memories by the age of 10 or so, even in the most well publicized and well documented cases. (where the memories were verified and validated by outside scientists and meticulous scrutiny)

A good argument could be made that we simply aren’t meant to remember our past lives. Or, that our brains are simply wired to filter them out as we grow. Ironically, many people report remembering their past lives again as they age……..meaning that the 2 groups most LIKELY to have powerful memories of previous lifetimes being small children and older adults. (giving ammunition to both the skeptics and the true blue believers to argue what they want..:-)

Here is what I believe from over 15 years of studying past lives and doing karma coaching and clearing myself.

1 – The BEST way to remember past lives is through meditation and guided visualization.
2 – Past life regression is very cool and a lot of fun – YET, can be fraught with potential problems due to the suggestive nature of hypnosis
3 – Children’s past life memories are often so incredibly strong and independently verifiable, that they are amongst the best cases we have.
4 – Everyone has a soul group or close knit spiritual circle we travel with from lifetime to lifetime
5 – What you DON’T learn in this lifetime……you are destined (or doomed) to repeat in the next, or another
6 – We form soul contracts before we are “born” that provide a bit of the framework, and the foundation for our lives and our relationships.
7 – You can learn something powerful from EVERY person, every situation and every obstacle or challenge in your life. Spiritual growth doesn’t have to come from success – on the contrary, if we are TRULY here to go and grow and flow into eternity, the BEST lessons are often those that are acquired from adversity.

8 – Most importantly, NO article like this one is going to convince you, or should it, in the idea of past lives, future lives or spiritual truth. ONLY by immersing yourself in the experience will you come to believe…and THAT is how I think the “universe” wants it to be!


For a past life karma reading…..and a free step by step do it yourself karma cleansing PDF, check out Michael Martin, The Modern Mystic HERE

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    Have I Lived Before? 8 Past Life Facts You May Want to Consider

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