How to Prepare For a Psychic Reading (The REAL Secret to Getting Your Questions Answered)

What do people really ask psychics?  What do people REALLY want to know when they speak to a medium?   And equally as important….what are psychics, mediums and spiritual advisors of all types most adept at being able to answer as well? 

The truth, whether you are a believer or a skeptic…… may surprise you 🙂

The BEST way to get information from a psychic or medium that you can REALLY use?

Get prepared.  Write down what you need to know in advance….and have those questions primed and pumped at your fingertips.

Why is preparation for a reading so key?

Because in my own experience, 90% of people will shake their heads and say – “I FORGOT to ask X!” after a reading is done, only to remember that “X” was REALLY all they wanted to know in the first place.

The truth is, we all have things we KNOW we want to know about our future, our fate, our families, our finances, etc…..and often, we suppress these intuitions unless we tap into them creatively beforehand and honestly open up about the insecurities (or curiosities) we have about our lives.

Getting prepared for a spiritual reading, whether you are talking to someone who purports to communicate with spirits….OR simply someone who has the power of precognition and can feel the future, is equally as important in both scenarios to make CERTAIN you get what you need answered, and on your terms, too!

The other reason why preparation is so critical for people who are seeing a psychic?

Some of the best psychics and mediums work quickly once they get into a flow.  They may NOT enter into a “trance” state (although some of us certainly do) but they WILL get into a stream of consciousness sort of flow where the answers and information comes quickly and rapid fire.  If you don’t have 3 or 5 major questions written down… can often find yourself so impressed, and even overwhelmed by the speed of the reading, that you totally forget why you came while trying to assimilate the information you ARE hearing.

Having a list is like a grounding element – or a centering tool, and is highly recommended for making the MOST our of your next psychic experience!

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