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Now Reading: 10 Best Books about Past Lives and Reincarnation


10 Best Books about Past Lives and Reincarnation

svgOctober 10, 2018past livesgoodkarma

Have you lived before?  Do you remember a past life?  Or……even  more interesting to us, do you have a small child who remembers a past life?  

This is a brief list of some of the best books giving examples, case studies, and thorough explanations of past lives and reincarnation. After the list, I’ll provide a brief description of each book.

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  • Jeffrey J Keene

    February 20, 2022 / at 9:10 pmsvgReply

    Young boy, 9/11, reincarnation of a firefighter. Full story as told by the boy’s mother on (and off) a reincarnation forum. Fire in the Soul: Reincarnation from Antietam to Ground Zero. Hope this book makes your list some day.

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    10 Best Books about Past Lives and Reincarnation

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