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Now Reading: Are Psychics Real? (My Story May Change Your Mind)


Are Psychics Real? (My Story May Change Your Mind)

svgJune 28, 2013Psychic Blogjanet v

Here is a short article I wrote earlier today on my blog……

on my first experience with a psychic (and spirit!) and how it transformed me from being a young, skeptical agnostic (more of a complete atheist, to be honest) into a true blue believe in the magic, and the mystery of beautiful Universe that keeps us guessing.  (but always has a finger pointing in the right direction for those of us willing to notice 🙂


The first time I saw a real psychic it was special. 

REALLY special.  And I only say that because I had spent 30 years as a die hard skeptic and atheist who didn’t believe in anything at all, so any psychic experience that opened my eyes had to be special by definition.

What changed my mind?

First of all, and most importantly, I had what is called a “visitation” experience with a ghost, something that parapsychologists call a crisis apparition.

Quite literally, in the middle of the night, I was awakened by the spirit of a good friend and co-worker , who was standing at the foot of my bed, silently waving goodbye.

Of course, I thought it was a dream…..but was awake and alert and pretty confused after the experience was over (about 30 seconds) but I knew in my heart and soul that something life changing had just occurred.

In the morning?

Of course I got to work and found out that our beloved co-worker had died unexpectedly in the middle of the night of a brain aneurism.

Seeking out a psychic who could explain what had happened,  became very, very important to me thereafter.


Because I couldn’t tell anyone, and was afraid I was going nuts.

I found 2 or 3 psychics or Craigslist and wasn’t impressed.
I went to a spiritualist church for 2 weekends, and sat in the background…..hoping to get called on, but never was.

Finally, I found a local meet up for p[psychic and spiritual professionals, and had an amazing encounter that forever changed what I believed was possible in THIS life, and the next.  (a psychic medium in the group approached me with a message, she said…..from a good friend who had recently passed)

She proceeded to blow my mind with information, insight and illumination about WHY this friends had come to me…..including names, dates and very odd yet specific facts that would be impossible to guess……and while some of it I didn’t quite understand at the time, it turned out to be the biggest turning point in my life.

The truth is, there are A LOT of bad psychics out there.  Plenty of spiritual impostors.  But there are many who are genuine -and who can help open your eyes to the magic, and the mystery the universe wants YOU to know.

Maybe it isn’t your time yet.  Maybe you are curious and yet not convinced.  Or maybe, like i was once, you think the whole thing is just a bunch of new age nonsense.

Today, my mantra for everything meaningful is this:

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

And when you open yourself up to the magic, and the mystery and the MEANING that is behind each and every one of our lives…..amazing things will start to happen, I promise!

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    Are Psychics Real? (My Story May Change Your Mind)

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